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The day's of counting on the sign in the front yard is gone! 87% of today's home buyers are logging onto the internet as their first point of contact to search for a home.

I was surprised on Saturday to get a call that registered “0000123456” on my caller ID on my cell phone. The call didn’t come through so I hung up but was curious what would generate that type of number. Then the call came in again as “unknown caller”. Turns out it was a call from Kuwait from a man that had been reading BuildingCredibility.com

We talked for quite some time and have since followed up again. We have outlined a complete timeline to price out a floor plan he likes, open dialog with a few energy efficient quality builders, find a lot, negotiate a contract all before he returns to the US. To make things even more interesting, his wife is in yet another country so all communication will be cc’d to each of them to keep them all in the same loop.

Using BuildingCredibility.com’s “subdivision locator” they will be able to get some data on available lots. I have also set them up to get automatic updates directly from the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) for lots that meet their criteria as well.

I look forward to hopefully having this become my second international build job! I had a previous client that also had found me via the internet and we narrowed down which community and home to have built. They only made one trip to Boise prior to closing. Many times, it is the wife that chooses the color selections, etc., however, this client was unique in that the wife was Korean and spoke little English. I was able to take progress photos with my digital camera so they could stay abreast of the progress with confidence. When it was time to choose interior finishes, I took my digital camera to the various suppliers and took photos of samples if the company didn’t already have data on their web site. When it was time for them to move on, they called me to have that home resold for them as well.

This is so much easier today than when I first started dealing with out-of-town clients. My very first build job was for a family relocating from California about 14 years ago. One that one, I would take a few photos and have to develop the entire roll of film, then overnight it to the buyer. On occasion, I would take my camcorder out there, take some video and then convert it to a VHS tape and overnight the tape.

With today’s technology, I have actually been on site and even used the video feature built into my cell phone to capture something and emailed it on the spot! No added cost, no added time, and almost real-time!

The National Association of Realtors has recognized the power of the internet and the unique aspects to dealing with internet-based clients. They have established a new designation called the “EPRO” which is 100% online classes walking Realtors through all aspects of using today’s technology to buy and sell real estate. I completed my designation sitting on the lanai of the vacation condo on the beach in Hawaii last year thanks to a wireless router and my laptop. That sure beat sitting in a classroom in Boise!

As technology continues to infuse new ways to obtain and deliver available data, my role as a Realtor has morphed into being more of a consultant and coach than that of a salesman. Now, my objective is to provide enough useable data to make my clients the expert before they make their real estate decisions. I just laugh when I see other agents filling out their Fed Ex airbills to send “relocation packages” instead of just emailing them links to the same data. I just smile when I attend open houses and watch agents still pointing out which room is the kitchen and which is the master suite. Instead of insulting my clients’ intelligence, I help them utilize it!

Posted by Jim Paulson at 10/3/2007 3:05:00 PM

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