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NO CURBS!!! and foundation vent wells? Who came up with these? Main The Durable Green Home
Where are the CURB BUSTERS when you need them? I am amazed of the number of homeowners that install curbs or sidewalks with no thought to drainage of the water from the home. Instead of curbs they ought to call them Dams. foundation vent wells, who thinks this is a good idea??

Another new home we looked at last week to address HVAC air flow problems had beautiful sidewalks and planter beds around the home. when we drove up it was obvious that they had more problems then they realized. The sidewalks skirted the flower beds, the flower beds had negative drainage back to the home (would not matter anyway) and the vents of the foundation (where like most new homes) and half the vents was underground so  they installed the foundation vent wells that you see so often, and to make matters worse they had the downspouts located close to some vents! this  is a HUGE mistake.

Guess what, the vents don't work if you put them in wells. if you see wells around foundation vents, SOMEBODY SCREWED UP! the elevation is  to low! Who came up with these wells anyway? Lets see, I not going to shoot the elevation, then I will bring the grade up above the vents in order to meet the fall away from the home that code allows, so my openings (vents) to the crawl are below the drainage plane of the grade????? WHERE WERE THE ADULTS WHEN THIS DECISION WAS MADE? would it not be easier to teach people how to set  elevations and grade? This should be basic builder education requirement! and who told  the gutter installers to put the downspouts next to the foundation vents? can you say water injection system? Who is responsible? I think all the subs involved and the builder should be liable, but ultimately the builder needs to understand drainage. This is expensive to fix and usually does not show up the first year, but it will show up sooner or later. If a water intrusion contractor wanted to make some money he would follow the gutter, curb, and landscapers  and builders who can't set elevations, around and hand out cards to these homeowners-I  think it would say-Call me When. Hey Thats an idea!

Posted by Tad Duby at 10/8/2007 1:10:00 AM
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Re:NO CURBS!!! and foundation vent wells? Who came up with these?
Tad, Is there a checkist that people can get of common mistakes that can be avoided? Also wouldn't the designer be at fault as well?
Posted by on 10/8/2007 11:33 AM
Re:NO CURBS!!! and foundation vent wells? Who came up with these?
No checklist that I am aware of, just good building sense. I think this will become more of an issue in the years to come and people start the sue for damages and people are made more aware though methods like this blog.thanks for asking. Holdiing designers acountable is very hard to do.
Posted by on 10/8/2007 11:57 AM
Re:NO CURBS!!! and foundation vent wells? Who came up with these?
What do you mean when you say that vent wells don't work? I have been looking for info on vent wells because we have one vent that is just at ground level and that part of the yard hasn't been landscaped yet (it hadn't been when we purchased the home). If we add topsoil to the nasty soil that was already there so we can put down grass then the ground will be slightly about this vent. Rather than having dirt removed we were going to do a vent well.
Anyway, just curious if you mean that they literally don't work and that water will still go under then house or if it is more that they don't work because the builder should have known better.
Thanks for your clarification!
Posted by on 9/1/2010 1:49 PM
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