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Boise Homes for Sale: Online Shopping and Buyer Representation

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Looking for homes online has become the place that most people begin their search. Websites with public access to the MLS have made this really easy and agents have been adjusting to Real Estate in this technological world. This post talks about what you need to know about your online searching for homes for sale in Boise and the surrounding Treasure Valley, who those agents are with pictures on every house you look at online, and how Buyers are represented in the state of Idaho.

More and more people are beginning their home searching online. Local or out of state, buyers sit down at their computer, type 'Boise homes for sale' or some other tag in the search engine, pop up thousands of Real Estate websites and search away in the comfort of their own homes. It's convenient, it's easy and nowadays you are even able to see the interior of a home through virtual tour technology without ever leaving your chair. A lot of things are changing in how Real Estate Agents market, assist people in finding a home, and even in how clients are represented. Buyers' agency may be a newer concept and isn't even fully practiced in some states. However, Idaho has very specific laws on how a customer or client should be represented and it is important for you to understand how you will be represented in any Real Estate transaction. Read the Idaho Agency Law Brochure for a clear understanding of the different types of relationships a Real Estate Agent may have with a person they encounter in a transaction and vice versa. Now how does this all relate to shopping for Real Estate online? In today's Real Estate cyber world many successful websites allow anyone to search a public access MLS site. This hasn't been the case for very long. Today it has come to be a norm. What you do need to know about it is that more often than not the picture and information of the Realtor next to the listing that you've fallen in love with is not the listing agent on the home. He or she is one of the Realtors that are hosting the public access site for you to be able to search the MLS online yourself. However, what else you do need to know is that it is better for you if they are not the listing agent. You need your own representation and a Buyers' agent is able to not only get you all of the information that you may want or need on any given house, they can also get you more. The listing agent has a confidentiality agreement with the seller of the home. They are representing the seller. Your Buyers' agent will be representing you. And that's important.

Update: Speaking of public access MLS sites; we currently use this MLS search site but we are trying out this one as well. I would love if you would search on both of them and let me know which one you prefer by commenting to this post or emailing me. Thanks for your help!

Posted by JessicaD at 10/9/2007 4:01:00 PM

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