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Do not and I repeat do not let someone install tile to your drywall. BAD, BAD, BAD, this ought to be outlawed. more and more builders are turning to paperless drywall for wet areas and the good tile contractors will never put tile on any type of drywall. Here is a recent house I was just in (upper end home) can you say law suit?

So Georgia pacific as well as other manufacturers of drywall are now recommending paperless drywall in wet rooms. Why? because the mold feeds on the cellulose material in the paper-take away the food  source and you diminish your chances for mold. the product is called DensArmor www.densarmorplus.com Green homes not  require  paperless drywall in wet areas-bathrooms around showers and tubs, laundry, sauna.

so why the big fuss about tile? I  was in a home the other day looking at a builders home  that wanted to build to LEED standards. so  I get  lead into the sauna room. this is a room about 20 x 20  and has a jacuzzi that we could invite a crew over for party and drinks and not  see everyone in the pool or i mean jacuzzi. Oh yes  and there is a sauna / shower as well. this just gets better and better. then I see that the tile person is installing a paint on water proofing (won't name the manufacturer) and then sticking the tile to the drywall. I wanted to leave a card and say call me in a year or two to replace most of your home! this is guaranteed to fail. they were going to compensate for humidity with a small fan. First never ever apply tile to drywall, even with the new paint on water proofing. a good tile  guy will cut the drywall out, install a vapor barrier (much like paper on kraft faced batt insulation, then install a cement or comparable board, then they might use the paint on stuff and then tile to the surface. old tile  installers will  do about the same and then mud set the walls (some still do this here) and this system has worked for many many years. Oh but this is more expensive ( I can hear the complaint of the cheap home builders) how expensive is it to replace or pay lawyers when you get sued?

this  job  even had tile  stuck to the ceiling, and I did not see any water proofing on the drywall there! lots of work out there for  mold  contractors and remodelers. You wonder when do we stop being cheap and do it right the first time? it  usually does not cost much more, and don't we sleep  much better at night? Good luck out there.

Posted by Tad Duby at 10/13/2007 12:17:00 AM
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