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Boise Homes for Sale: Market Overview Part 2

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As the Boise Home Market changes everyone must adjust.

See my previous post for part 1

Sellers must accept that it is not the same sellers' market that it was two years ago with full-price offers, bidding wars and a closed home in 30 days.  Buyers don't have to rush to make a decision on homes for sale in Boise, offer over the asking price, or strip an offer from its essentials, like inspections and included items, just to differentiate from all the other offers on the table.  However, they must also realize that their offer must still be fair and reasonable for a seller to accept it.  Agents have to re-evaluate their marketing and negotiating skills for both buyers and sellers.

I like this Boise market.

Boise is not a doom and gloom home market.  Now, I am not baiting to get all the comments telling me I'm only saying that because it's my livelihood so I need to tell myself and others it's 'a great time to buy' to save my business.  I watch the news, I read the newspapers and I live in this industry daily and know the current market well.  I primarily work with out-of-state buyers moving into the area.  People are still coming.  And people are still buying.  As for Boise homes for sale--many Boise homes do sit on the market longer than they did during the boom.  But people are forgetting that even as recently as the early 2000's up until the end of 2004 it was not uncommon to see homes on the market for 60-120 days and sometimes longer.  Now the key is having an agent who knows the market, knows how to appropriately advertise, gives you tips on how to show your property in the best light and most importantly will help you to price your house right.   Again, see my previous post, part 1.

In fact, just this past week my husband and I both had buyers who put offers on homes that had only been on the market for a couple of weeks.  Sellers--buyers are still out there. You and your Realtor just have to be smart and put a little more effort into your sale.  The conclusion of the CBH Homes "Deal of a Lifetime'' with 200 homes not only for sale but 'on sale' may help show us whether or not buyers are still out there.  Can CBH sell that many homes (or more) in a single weekend?  We'll see.  If so then there is no question that buyers are out there.  They are just holding out for the right price.

Posted by JessicaD at 10/13/2007 5:18:00 PM

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