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100% energy star builders leading the way for more durable homes Main The Durable Green Home
Energy star more durable? what makes it more durable than the standard code built home? how is this voluntary program changing the way the nations builders build homes? what does the future hold?

so nice to see the 100% Energy star builders getting recognition for their commitment to build all Energy star rated homes. most if not all of these builders are building to much higher standards than just energy star and are engaged in ongoing education of building science and advanced building practices like thermal breaks, proper drainage planes, radiant barriers, wet wall  construction, advanced crawl space principles, etc.

so  why is an energy star home more  durable? By limiting air infiltration through tighter construction practices we reduce the chance of drawing moisture and pollutants in the building assembly. with air infiltrating comes pollutants, pollens, moisture, and noise. so  it is much better to limit the leakage and control the ventilating of the home. Also these homes are inspected for proper vapor barrier installation in the crawl space (this does not mean that someone ripped or moved them later) but the homes will not pass without proper coverage of dirt in the crawl. why is this important? read some of my other blogs on this issue! Also duct leakage and pressure problems with homes affects the durability as well. if you have leaky return ducts in the attic or crawl space the HVAC system will draw air from those areas affecting indoor air quality, moisture loads, pollutants, radon, etc. do you want to suck air from these places? NO stick with sealed combustion equipment for Health, safety, and durability, and make sure it vents and pulls the air from outside the home.

What about windows? low E windows will help reduce the fading of the furnishings in your home by blocking harmful ultra violet rays from the sun. they also help reduce the cooling load in the summer and heating loads in the winter, helping HVAC contractors reduce the size of the units they install and move towards properly sizing equipment. over sized equipment will cycle on and off, never reach full efficiency (15 minutes run time minimum) won't pull the needed moisture out of the air in the summer, don't have the proper air flow across the coils. All of this affects the efficiency and the durability of the system. this system will fail sooner than a system that is sealed and sized correctly. Also drawing the air from the garage or the interior of the home can cause the system to fail early as well. 

What about insulation and the inspecting process? we have found multiple attics and walls  that are not insulated. how does this affect durability? these cold surfaces will lead to condensation in humid areas (ever notice mold next to the wall to ceiling intersection in a bathroom?) condensation around windows and doors from air infiltration, shrinkage and drywall cracks because warm wood contracts nd expands different than cold wood. I have been in multiple existing home to find attic insulation blown back off the exterior walls in the ceiling six to ten feet. Properly installed insulation will help us better determine the heating and cooling needs of the home to better size the equipment  as well.

 What about the inspection process? nation wide builders have tracked 60-70% reduction in construction callbacks since implementing Energy Star. That is huge!!! What can it do for your building company? Also most energy star builders are setting  the level far above energy star and really digging into what makes buildings work, you will see these builders  moving towards higher performance and Green built homes in the future.  Check out www.energystar.gov for national statistics on energy star.

Congratulations to the builders who are building with 100% commitment in mind. why would you want to build any other way??? check out the 100% home tour. link is on this site or you can go to www.idahopower.com/energystarhomes also a flier was in the Thursdays edition of the Statesmen.

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