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Hear about my experience as a first time tiler.

We priced out tile vs. vinyl and decided to go with the tile. The materials were about the same price and it adds so much value to your home. My dad has laid tile and has a really nice tile saw so we decided to do it. I found that the Tile Outlet has the best prices and the best selection in the valley and their staff was extremely helpful. http://www.tileoutlet.net/


So we ended up picking 18 x 18 in tiles for our kitchen, entryway, laundry and pantry. I thought they would go down faster because they are larger on the other hand they are also heavier. After two days of tiling my back was killing me. I think this may be my first real experience with back breaking work. But now that we have most of them down I love the way those big tiles look.


Sarah’s Simple Tiling Tips

-Buy some good knee pads

-Borrow or rent a nice tile saw

-Spend your first few hours of tiling with someone who has tiled before (even if you have to pay them)

-Spend time up-font planning the layout (this is the one thing that will have the greatest impact on your end results)

-Measure twice, cut once


I’ll be updating this with a picture soon so check back.


Posted by Sarah Pokorney at 10/30/2007 4:46:00 PM
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