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Who is making sales in today's market and how are they doing it?

Yeah, Yeah, yeah, the market sucks, let’s all go home and cry about it. The problem is, while you are all at home crying about it, we are building relationships, working hard for our clients, and making sales, and lots of them.

If I told you that we sold 4 homes last week, in a very small community that has some disadvantages (and plenty of advantages) to it, would you believe me? If I told you we didn’t reduce the prices by $70,000, or at all for that matter, would you really question it? Dry your tears and get working people, because it is absolutely true. Well, there were five sales actually, but one fell. Enough of that.

We have had buyers come to us, ready, willing and able to buy a home and have shown homes and called builders and listing agents only to have our calls ignored, returned after we found another home, or handled in a very unprofessional manner. There are some great agents out there, working very hard, I have come across a few of them, and they stand out to me more now then ever, because they seem to be so few and far between. It appears that too many of “us” have bought into the hype, packed up and gone home…and for those who want an extended unpaid vacation, that is just fine…it makes it better for those of us who work hard and stay positive.

Back to those sales…the buyers didn’t knock on the door and beg us to buy a home (surprise!), it was work. These buyers need and want to be educated, and that takes time. They want to know what you know about the market and why they should buy today.  They want to know what impact the financing restructure has on them, and they want to know what they can really get for their home, and that they are making a good decision. You have to know your stuff, know it well, and be able to teach it. You will work four times harder for half the amount of money, but let’s not kid ourselves, people, ½ the money is still a lot more than most Idahoans make, most Americans for that matter, and if you have a passion for this industry, then you are not opposed to working hard…if you are really good, you even see it as a challenge. This is a market where the cream rises to the top, roll your sleeves up, work hard, and be successful, or make room for O2 (and the others like us). See you at the top!

Posted by O2 Marketing at 11/5/2007 8:33:00 PM

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