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With all the bad press it is hard to know what the truth is?

Main Idaho Real Estate Insights

Perspective is everything. But take it all in stride and keep an open mind about idaho real estate.

If you are a buyer

  1. You have more choices than in previous years
  2. Interest rates are great. Ask your Dad or grand parents!
  3. The market has cooled and therefore buyers have more power.

If you are a seller

  1. If you purchased your home 5 years ago, you have plenty of flex on the price depending on how motivated (or greedy) you are to sell. If you  purchased 2 years ago or less, you gambled and it probably did not pay off- sorry. If you don't have to move, stay in the home two more years and you could be at ease again.If you purchase a home to live in for years to come, you don't have to worry about market conditions
  2. You have lots of competition if all you have to offer is bedrooms and bathrooms. If you have a unique home or a great subdivision, you have competitive advantages. Even a mature peach tree has value to the right buyer.
  3. If you purchased your home as an invetment, why are you selling? If you purchased as an investment, maybe it was a bad investment. Boise is a city with lots of potential and is no longer a secret. In March-April the State of Idaho will realease data regarding how many new residents there are locally. You just need to meet one of them.

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