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As air quality becomes more of a concern to people, we need to start addressing what to do, and what we should not do in home building and remodeling

There has been some great programs  come about because of the concern over air quality, you can find information on www.energystar.gov on their Indoor Air Quality with Energy Star (not available in Idaho-although great resource and checklist  for what to do right) and the American Lung Association Health House program and checklist. You will notice a similarity of the two.

so what should we do? just the short list, is pay attention to the durability Items that we have talked about in this blog-building wraps, proper flashing, footing drains, site drainage, good wall assemblies, etc. So what else?

Do ELIMINATE SOURCE POLLUTANTS FIRST, Do install timers or humidity sensors on ventilating fans, Do calculate ventilation rates for the home and provide ventilation, Do install dedicated ventilation and filtration ductwork, Do install CO alarms, Do install sealed combustion or no  combustion appliances, Do research the products going into the home for contaminates, Do seal the ducts, Do Seal the envelope of  the home, Do install radon controls, Do use low VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds-Talk to Heidi Caye of Green foundations for information on this 5242 W chinden blvd Boise) building components-cabinets-shelving-trim-paints-etc. Do developer a drainage plan for your home, Do seal the home tight from the crawl-attic-and garage. Do paint the drywall in the garage-especially if living space above (CO will penetrate unsealed drywall), Do use Kitchen exhaust fans. Do inspect the vapor barrier in crawl and monitor. Do Insulate slabs underneath and at the perimeter.

So here are some Don'ts: Don't use fiberglass  insulation against concrete or rim joists, Don't install kitchen exhaust fans over 150 cfm without testing for back drafting or providing make up air, Don't install low efficiency HVAC in living or garage spaces, Don't use your heating system for temp  heat with building or remodeling ( the VOC's and chemicals  will corrode the heat exchanger and by using for temp heat you void the warranty), Don't ventilate fans in attic, Don't Trust the ducts are sealed-have them inspected and tested, Don't install curbs around your home without drainage for gutters and site, Don't install powered attic fans (need very good seal between attic and home that does not exist), Don't install atmospheric appliances  in the home or basement, Don't install masonry, stucco to one paper systems (look for the Weep  Holes), install washers or water heaters in living space without drain pan. Don't install tile  to drywall ( I don't care if you painted it with so called water proof material-DON'T DO IT) so here  the short list. use the checklists outlined above if  you want a great resource.  

Posted by Tad Duby at 2/15/2008 8:23:00 PM
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