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Finish Hardware: All too often overlooked. Main Boise Home Design
Whether trying to sell your home or create an update, finish hardware can provide the greatest effect for the dollar.

If your home was built prior to 2002, in the Northwest, you are probably looking at brass, not just door levers and knobs, but hinges, door stops, cabinet hardware, bath hardware and front door handle sets.   If the color of your walls already enhances the architectural style of your home and you find them attractive, don’t change them, change your hardware.

With new styles added each and everyday, conduct a bit of research.  Your local home store is not the best supplier of hardware.  As a generalist in the building industry, they are not best equipped to handle your design needs and most importantly they are not set up to provide you with the necessary keying options.  Remember, the key to hardware is BOTH function and design.  Security of your property is always the first priority.  Lucky for you, in today’s market you don’t have to sacrifice security for design.  You can have it all!   There are plenty of specialists in the field.  Shop around until you find the price, style and service to fit your budget.  Most people don’t realize that hardware is sold at your local lumberyards, door and cabinet shops, and specialty hardware facilities.

Echo Garrett
Triad Distributing NW, Inc.
Premier Supplier to the Treasure Valley Building Materials Industry
Posted by Echo Garrett at 2/22/2008 2:17:00 PM
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Re:Finish Hardware: All too often overlooked.
So what are the "in" styles right now?
Posted by on 2/22/2008 8:53 AM
Re:Finish Hardware: All too often overlooked.
Ah yes, the good old brass and pine. Not my style but certainly that of my parents. All I can say is piped 80's chrome... HOT!

On a more serious note, are design elements for products such as tile, fixtures leaning more towards a contemporary style? Also, what are those cabinet drawers called that have have those anti-slam mechanisms built in?

Good post Echo!
Posted by on 2/22/2008 9:59 AM
Re:Finish Hardware: All too often overlooked.
I have always heard the anti-slam drawers just called "soft close". Regarding the current trends and styles, Urban Modern is really becoming more and more prevalent. However, with the influx of "out of staters" - particularly California, we are seeing a split, where folks are intermixing the modern lines with rustic alpine textures as well as black hardware.
Posted by Echo Garrett on 2/22/2008 5:30 PM
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