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Is Location still as important?

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Does McDonald's sell burgers? In real estate it may always be- Location, Location, Location! And in Boise there really are no bad locations.

Now, more than ever location hinges the buying decision. As time becomes more valuable and energy becomes more expensive the consumer is considering every aspect of location.

I have mentioned before the importance of community amenities such as pool and playground but this is just one aspect of location.

With two parents incomes now daycare proximity is a major player and the quality of the center. Leaving work and driving away from home is no fun at the end of the day. Of course how much is it worth to live near the daycare you love? How much extra would you pay  to live closer. Your mortgage guy would probably add it to your loan so let's do it. If it was five additional miles to daycare and you get 20 mpg @ $3 per gallon- that's approximately $30 monthly in gas or $360 per year, not including lost time and extra maintanence on your car.

Schools. It is very easy to research schools now and in a competative society how much is it worth to be near a school that produces students that are ahead of the curve? Also, if you drop off your child or volunteer during the week, it needs to be convenient. By the way you shoudl volunteer if you have kids in grade school!

Grocery, athletic club, Greenbelt, Golf, Boise River or anything else that contribute to lifestyle are all part of the location consideration. Good Hunting! Don't forget to create a must have list and wish list for selecting your next home.

Trey Langford

Posted by tlangford at 2/25/2008 11:12:00 PM

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