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What is most important for Idaho communities? It is presentation of course!

Today I visited Alexandria subdivision in Meridian. Before I tell you about that community let me share a story. Last fall, I was in a new community and the realtor offered to give me a tour and show me their luxury homes. I declined and I think she was caught off guard. She explained how beautiful the homes were and how impressed I would be. I assured her that I believed the homes were beautiful but really once you have seen the master closet and granite countertops is there anything left to see? I am sure she thought i was rude but I really did not want to go see the same beautiful homes I have seen before. Really, I am sure it was a beautiful mansion but even she knew I was not going to see anything that I have not seen before.

Mallon Construction So today I was at Alexandria. I have to tell you I was expecting the same ol' same ol' but the developer, Lonnie Johnson, surprised me. This community was nothing like I expected. Though not a new idea, it was very well designed and you can tell he thought it out. When I say thought it out, I don't mean came up with an Italian name and put a waterfall at the front, I mean design of the community as a concept.

Briefly, the community is designed so that there is much open space yet plenty of privacy. The homes are designed for empty nesters though many people could enjoy this type of home. Before you enter the home there is a casita off the patio that is great for visitors or an office and the patio was deisgned to enjoy and entertain. You have to take the tour to understand how each home is set up and then see how all homes surround the common area.

Nice work Lonnie and thanks for the tour, my time was well spent. Next time I will bring my bike so we can tour together.

Trey Langford

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Posted by tlangford at 2/26/2008 5:08:00 PM

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