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The ins and outs of Boise Infill projects and why they're terrific.

Boise is growing at an incredible pace, and as much of the younger generations begin buying homes, traffic gets heavier, and areas like Downtown Boise flourish, Infill is becoming more and more important.

What is Infill and what's so great about it? An Infill project is a new home or group of homes tucked in the middle of an existing neighborhood. You see them all over the place in the North End of Boise and now in East Boise. What's so great about Infill? There are so many things: it's environmentally friendly in most cases because the core infrastructure such as streets and roads already exists, and riding a bike or walking to shopping/work/entertainment is frequently an option. In most cases each project increases the neighborhood values, it's smart planning for our future, it's conveniently located and it's adding new depth and dimension to an already established area.

What I love about Infill is the excitement that I see from potential buyers. They're brimming with anticipation on what might go into that little piece of land - will it be hip, swanky and cool, or pretty, charming and cozy? Will the garage be attached, detached, will it have a patio, big front porch or a rooftop deck? When a builder only has a little bit of space, he/she has to get creative. Costs are higher due to smaller land, and entitlement with the City can be tough, so a builder must be really smart about the design, budget and amenties chosen for the homes.  

I want to shout out to all of the builders in Boise that are doing amazing Infill projects. You are doing an outstanding job of building beauty in the Treasure Valley and giving us neighborhoods that we can cherish for years to come. You take a risk by assuming the higher costs, and yet your fans are out there. A little plug for one of my Infill projects that is so much fun for me, Midtown by Tahoe Homes - the buyers are LOVING it, and they should, because it's so much fun to live in a convenient location and have a brand new, contemporary home with all of the character of a New York City loft.

Infill is fantastic - it's great for the city, it's incredibly appealing to our homebuyers and at the end of the day, it's just plain exciting to see.

Posted by Kit Fitzgerald at 3/7/2008 6:40:00 PM

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