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LED lighting is coming to a city near you. Technology is changing LED lighting rapidly, as well as incandescent lighting advances that promises higher performance and less energy use than their CFL counterparts that have taken over most of the efficient lighting. Now LED lighting is becoming available and we are starting to see huge advances in technology..

Recently the LR6 downlight was introduced as a retrofit can light and distributed  by Energy federation Incorporated www.efi.org this is a screw in retrofit that converts  a incandescent  can light to LED. This can light uses 12  watts of power, give 650 lumen's with a lifetime  of 50,000 hours! it is also compatible with some dimmers!! These units are not cheap  however, but offer  substantial  savings in energy with better quality of light than their CFL counterparts. We are also starting to see decorative lighting being done in LED lighting instead of the old halogen lights that were making up most  of the decorative lighting in residential and dome commercial applications. Think incandescent lights add heat load to your  AC cooling load in the summer, just imagine the load from Halogen! The  lighting  industry is rapidly changing to meet the demands of  the consumer, energy savings, and environmental concerns. LED lighting does not have the mercury concern that CFL bulbs do, much better light output (still advancing in technology-soon to come out with more options) and less energy consumption.  Subscribe to  environmental building news for  great updates on what  is changing in the world of  green building and technology.

Posted by Tad Duby at 3/8/2008 4:01:00 PM
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