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New product out that looks like a great invention for brick drainage. featured in Eco-Structure March 2008. Total Flash Drainage system looks to solve problems with the inexperience in labor...

so what does this system do? well ever wonder why old brick buildings have weep holes and metal flashing at the bottom of the brick? this is to allow the water that passes through brick (YES I said passes-less than 30 seconds to be exact) to hit the air space behind the brick (YES the mortar should not touch the building) condense and run down the brick to the weep holes and flashing where it will be  directed to drain to the exterior. Take a look at the next NEW brick building you see, where are the weep hole? Many I see don't have them. We call this a RESERVOIR, this is a great way to store rain water, only problem is that the water is inside  your wall!!!! Not a good idea. Total flash seems to Have a Drainage matt built into the flashing that will not allow it to be plugged with mortar ( have not seen this for sure) but it seems that if used that the weep holes are built in. Best way to eliminate mistakes is to improve the process and take the human error equation out! this might possibly do the job, it won't solve the problem with allowing mortar to be in contact with the wall above the flashing (mortar bridge) allowing water to enter the wall assembly, but at least it does solve one problem at the bottom . Or seams to anyway. would like to see it in action. www.mortarnet.com is the website for more  information. got any other great products or ideas make sure to comment!

Posted by Tad Duby at 3/20/2008 7:57:00 PM
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