(Pic) Blazing Internet Speeds of 1.2 Gbps (billion bits per second) from Space Main Home Technology

Speeds like this use to require a tethered type connection ,like that of fiber optics. However, the goals of this new system aims to deliver monster speeds in the same way you watch TV. No Fiber Optics, no problem.

Okay okay, a couple things worth noting.  The Kizuna ("Winds") satellite is intended to provide super high-speed data transmission for those living in Japan and Southeast Asia, not those in the U.S. (yet).  The satellite is still under development with testing slated for July of this year.

So Mike, why are you telling me this?

The reason is to offset some of the concerns several of you have expressed to me  who live in homes or communities that are not Fiber enhanced.  Well my friends the answer may very well be from above.

The technical skinny: 

Its goals are to deliver equiped users with 155 Mbps down / 6 Mbps up, and enterprises and ISP's with 1.2 Gbps down.  This sucker is fast-  Gbps stands for billions of bits per second.  To give you some perspective, DSL modems from (insert your local telecom here) tend to be below 8 MB.  Even with some of todays fiber communities you will be lucky to see speeds above 10 MB let alone around 100 MB. 

This will have an impact on your entertainment:

If you remember just a few months back in Blu-Ray, HD DVD Who Cares!  and Fiber Optics to the Home: Streaming HD Media to replace Optical DisksI touched on the fact that the physical discs we use to watch movies today may be short lived if the same information can transported (with confidence) wirelessly.   Well this is a good sign that this may soon be available.

Your home's infrastructure today

Most homes built after 2003 have wiring in place to support inter/intranet speeds of at least 100 MB.  Even if your home was built before then, new wireless 'N' devices are now available that achieve the same speeds if not more, so your covered (exceptions below).  Those who have fiber based systems can fully utilize the speeds available and will see far less bottlenecking of services it may provide.

A dose of reality

We are talking about wireless transmitted technology here.  Most everyone I know has a cellphone and knows of its level of reliability, I don't need to say it but- its far less than any landline.  Keep in mind that wireless services are also purely out conveniences and not of performance.   It may never have the reliability and guaranteed connection speed of that of a wired connection. 

This new satelitte system also faces its own set of challenges beyond that of just cloud cover.  The sun every 11 years tends to get pissy and may knock that sucker out before its ever fully tested or optimized. 

So, a wired solution will almost always offer more security, confidence and reliability.   Wireless will always be far less.  Both wired and wireless solutions will remain around for a very long time still,  in my humble opion (IMHO) opt for the wired solution where available and those who dont, a wireless, less relibale solution is on its way.

-your technoshrink

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Posted by Mike Martoccia at 3/29/2008 7:11:00 PM
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Re:(Pic) Blazing Internet Speeds of 1.2 Gbps (billion bits per second) from Space
Since new technology like this needs to be tested, sign me up to BETA test it ASAP! If my internet isn't instant, it isn't fast enough! Would love to download HDTV on the fly. Thanks Mike
Posted by on 3/29/2008 4:03 PM
Re:(Pic) Blazing Internet Speeds of 1.2 Gbps (billion bits per second) from Space
That is very cool stuff. Thanks for keeping us up to speed.
Posted by on 3/29/2008 4:49 PM
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