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Do you see room for more housing in the Star market, or is it pretty much saturated?

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A question From Mitch in California.

A: The Star Market is definitely in transition. It is my opinion that Star will emerge as the next Eagle. Demand for lots in the Star area is very high and supply is currently low, however, there are enough preliminary plats coming online to double the size of the city in 3-5 years.


The Star sewer district has completed the expansion of their plant (February 2006) to handle all of the future capacity within the new area of impact. Star is aggressively trying to grow and the demand to live in that part of the valley is very strong. There has been some resistance to slow down the pace, however.


The next major "Going Home Big Box Corner" is at the intersection of Hwy 44 and Hwy 16 which will have a huge impact on Star also. If you look at that corner it is obvious that it will serve not only Star but Emmett, Middleton, West Eagle and North Meridian. All of these areas are planning for dramatic growth, however, due to the fact that Star is more accessible to Boise (employment center) than Middleton or Emmett and more affordable than Eagle or Meridian, I believe that Star is a good bet for the future.


Most of the markets in the West are experiencing some sort of slow down at this time including our market. The good news is that the Treasure Valley did not expand at the same rate as most of the larger markets in the North West Region. That said I believe we will experience a slight settling of the market and then recover much more quickly than other markets. Most of the country is just now realizing that the Treasure Valley (Boise MSA) has so much to offer. We have more corporate headquarters (per capita) than almost any city in the United States. We have 300 days of sunshine, mild winters, and recreational opportunities that are endless.; In addition, we have a solid educational base, the state capital, a broad economic base, and cultural diversity. This market has tremendous potential and the city of Star has so many advantages over other areas.

My only concern would be short-term and specifically directed at the type of product that a builder is bringing online. If the appropriate market research is done to provide homes that are currently in demand Star will be a good place to be.

Craig A. Lindquist

Posted by tlangford at 9/6/2006 5:05:00 AM

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