1286 TICKETS SOLD! You just have to come see the Dream Home! Main St. Jude's Dream Home in Boise
The best of the best have come together this year to save lives and to make the Dream Home a reality. The odds are great. Get your ticket today!!!


If you had the chance to visit the Dream Home today you’d have the opportunity to see some of our valley’s finest craftsmen putting their heart and souls into this year’s Dream Home project.
                Greyloch Cabinetry is installing beautiful custom alder cabinets in the kitchen and the baths. This particular plan is known as the Bismarck and it offers so much storage in well designed locations throughout the home.
                The tile is gorgeous! Doug and his team at Eslinger Tile are laying tumbled marble and travertine that will absolutely knock your socks off.
                The faux painting crew at Poison Creek Creations is also “in the house” today working their magic. It is truly amazing what these guys can do with a bucket of paint. You have to go see this house!
Did you know that St. Jude doesn’t just treat cancer, but they take on rare diseases that other research institutions don’t find profitable? These catastrophic illnesses include sickle cell anemia, cholera, Hurler’s syndrome, osteogenesis imperfecta and pediatric AIDS. Keep in mind that St. Jude’s basic cancer research not only saves children lives; it provides discoveries that are beneficial to the treatment of adult cancers as well.
$100 bucks buys you a fantastic shot at winning this incredible home and other great prizes and you’ll be doing your part to make life a little easier and definitely more hopeful for children who need our help. Please join me and our media sponsors, KTVB Channel 7 and WOW Country 104.3 in getting the word out about the Dream Home. You can purchase your tickets at any D.L. Evans Bank branch, Zamzows or at
For the kids!
Tyler Gilman, Chair
Posted by Tyler Gilman at 4/4/2008 1:12:00 AM
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Re:1286 TICKETS SOLD! You just have to come see the Dream Home!
Where is the St. Jude Dream home. I wold like to visit it.
Posted by on 5/3/2008 7:35 PM
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