Loyalty, Every Builder Must Have it Main Building Value into Boise Real Estate

Does your builder? In the building industry loyalty is a critical element to achieving success, in which loyalty comes in both the personal and creative forms. The following are the 3 key areas that defined true loyalty.

Loyalty is a steadfast devotion of an unquestioning kind that one may feel for another person, commitment, goal or vision. When it comes to the overall experience people (homeowners, sub-contractors and builders) have during a build, loyalty is the number one element that will make the experience either pleasant or disheartening. It makes the process enjoyable and relaxing because it installs confidence and reassurance in homeowners and everyone else involved in the construction process. Loyalty is also something that can not be faked.     

 In the building industry loyalty is a critical element to achieving success, in which loyalty comes in both the personal and creative forms. The following are the 3 key areas that defined true loyalty.  
Loyalty to your vision: This is the critical foundation that will drive the next 2 loyalty areas. This is where attributes such as quality craftsmanship and materials and energy efficiency rule the roost. This is also where design elements such as originality, uniqueness, creative, dramatic and soothing come into play. Once you have determined what vision you are going to be loyal to, then you ingrain it into your employees and sub-contractors heads that this is how we are going to build and we will not waiver from it.        
Loyalty to your employees and sub-contractors: Employees and sub-contractors are invaluable to your vision. Without them you would not be able to achieve the level of quality necessary to reach your goals. This is where the builder’s leadership is vital in relaying the standards in which the structure is to be constructed. Keep in mind loyalty is a 2-way street, if you are loyal to them more then likely your employees and sub-contractors will be loyal to you. This creates an inspiring and stimulating atmosphere in which quality structures are built.     
Loyalty to your homeowners and community: Loyalty to your homeowners and community is what creates great neighborhoods. If you are true to the first 2 loyalty areas this one should be easy obtained. If buyers, developers and marketing companies are draw to your style of building then it is probably a good indication you are on the right track when it comes to building structures that will achieve sustainable community status. Loyalty to your homeowners is as easy as getting back with them in a reasonable time period if they have an issue and following up if needed.
To schedule a time to discuss how my company is loyal please call me direct at 208-867-4587 or visit us a www.flynnerhomes.com
Scott Flynn, RMB
Flynner Homes
Posted by Scott Flynn at 4/13/2008 8:16:00 PM
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Re:Loyalty, Every Builder Must Have it

Great post.

Posted by on 4/13/2008 2:11 PM
Re:Loyalty, Every Builder Must Have it

Just curious on your opinion regarding homeowner/community loyalty and pricing. In many communities builders have increased 'discounts' to sell out a community. This often hurts the 'equity' of original buyers.

From a builders perspective what are your thoughts? Have you ever used discounts, offers that were unevenly applied? Would you drop the price of a home on contract if you had to lower the price/ increase the offers for similar units within a community you are building.

Have you seen any builders providing buyers any gaurantee?
Posted by on 4/14/2008 12:41 AM
Re:Loyalty, Every Builder Must Have it

Yes, I have houses that I have marked down the price due to the currant market conditions. You need to keep in mind that being loyal is a choice. And so if I look back to the time when I constructed the homes I need to ask myself was I loyal then to my vision, employees, sub-contractors and the community, and the answer is yes.

With your pricing questions in around about way you are asking me if I am loyal to the market. And the answer is yes. Unfortunately sometimes my loyalty to the market decreases values, but sometimes it increases them too. Then again, isnt that what a market is?

Sometime around last November Sonatas builders guaranteed the prices on the current inventory of homes. Meaning if the same model was built again in Sonata the price of that model would not be lower than the one in question. I believe they got a few sales out of it.

BTW: With respect to my last blog, thank you for your kind words regarding my homes.

Scott Flynn
Posted by Scott Flynn on 4/14/2008 2:15 PM
Re:Loyalty, Every Builder Must Have it
That is so true
Posted by on 4/16/2008 8:02 AM
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