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I was prepared to share my findings...but NOT YET. Participate, SEE IT FOR YOURSELVES, then we can really learn about what's happening in this industry. Afterall, this is nothing, if its not about learning! As Trey so eloquently says, "WHO wouldn't want to know?"

 Are homebuyers as scrupulous as they should be?  What determines value?  Everyday I encounter more and more consumers who WANT TO KNOW.  They seek out value and they understand it.  

 Builders, if your customers don’t recognize the value of details today, rest assured in a year, with the flattening of the information world…they will. 

 You know, my Father-in-Law, in his 85th year, a man of the Greatest Generation, gets great joy from repeating the adage “Neatness Counts”!  In his day, everyone doing business was a businessman and everyone doing business with their hands and heart – the true tradesman—relied on details.  Have we sold out?

 I challenge all of you to visit this year’s Parade of Homes for yourself.  Don’t get sucked in to the “new”…rather look in the details and make your own decisions.  Here are what I look for:

 Entry:  The entry serves two purposes:  Function and Design.  Neither should outweigh the other in today’s vast array of choices.  The front door should serve as the secure threshold, protecting the family within.  It should also provide the aesthetic introduction to the homes interior design.  Economically priced homes should not cut costs on the Entry…don’t sacrifice the safety of the family within!  Then look at:

Windows, Walkways, Doors, Handle Sets, Hinges, Doorbells, House Numbers and Landscaping


Details:  The quality of construction is usually hidden to the observer’s eye.  What’s behind the walls and the quality of the craftsmanship is found in the details. 

How are the floor coverings finished out, outlet covers, trim and trim hardware, moldings, paint- if it’s faux is it good? –Paint lines – are they straight and worth the effort?  The hardware and doors chosen, the hardware finish-Does it lend itself to the style of the home?  Or is it a cost cutting measure? The Installation of Hardware and Doors- Do expensive, solid core doors have DRIVE IN latches?  - Lets hope NOT!  Then look at:

Window Coverings, Tile craftsmanship, Fireplace and Mantel, Lighting choices, Surfaces, Modern Conveniences, Faucets, Plumbing Fixtures, etc.

 Experience:  Does the home provide people with the ability to experience something?  What is the focal point of each room – and does everything else in the construction and design – and in this case even décor – fit that purpose?


Use my list, or make your own!  But participate, learn, and check back as we share what we’ve found.

Echo Garrett, Triad Distributing NW, Inc.,

Posted by Echo Garrett at 5/1/2008 8:13:00 PM
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Re:Calling ALL to the Parade of Homes
Why do most builders pute cheaper counter tops and flooring in the upstairs areas. Unbelievable that by trying to save a few bucks they compromise the entire design and style of the home. Am I the only one that sees this or is it just accepted as a norm in the building indrusty. Steve
Posted by on 5/1/2008 3:06 PM
Re:Calling ALL to the Parade of Homes
I noticed that too! I believe it's because the perception of children and wear and tear, but it really can be a distraction.
Posted by on 5/1/2008 5:10 PM
Re:Calling ALL to the Parade of Homes
Some new homes it seems like more money is put in to the decor rather that the home itself. Now I must say the decor has a sense of "eye candy" which tends to draw women in, however it will be gone once you move in. Rather pay more attention to hardware... Knobs vs Levers? Brass (NOOOO) vs other beautiful finishes. Do the hinges match? What about cabinet decor, like pulls etc? Yes ladies the decor will be gone, but you can accent your home with its own beauty with changing the hardware, and believe me, the sky is the limit on styles, designs and finishes. You would be amazed!
Posted by on 8/26/2008 7:58 AM
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