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crawl space ventilation fans-the rest of the story or lack there of last time!! Main The Durable Green Home
sorry don't know what happened when I posted. so a new company Dynamic Vent www.dynamicvent.com has invented a new version of crawl space ventilation fans that might solve allot of issues....

This company has a  pretty sophisticated fan and  sensors that will sense outdoor humidity, crawl  space humidity, temperature, and a variety of other things. this information can alarm a homeowner when certain conditions  are present  that might cause building durability issues or it an also feed this information to a central location (say monitoring station) to alarm of certain conditions. this information can also control the fan for different ventilation requirements depending  on your building issues or what you are trying to accomplish. This could solve allot of issues  with crawl space ventilation, maybe not all of them and there is some variables  that could cause false readings but overall i think they are really on to something. one problem we have with crawl space ventilation now is that if the fan goes out, no  one knows. Or  what if a plumbing line were to leak or break, how would  you know? the phone  number for them is 208-484-3283. This fan is also a low voltage fan so you do not have to hire an electrician to install it or pull the  extra circuit for a ground fault circuit you would normally have to wire for. cost? I don't  know

this might be a great evolution, I'm sure there are things to work out, but  a step in the right direction anyway.

Posted by Tad Duby at 5/3/2008 12:31:00 AM
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Re:crawl space ventilation fans
hey Tad- can we get the info you were intending to share??? thx!
Posted by on 5/6/2008 2:30 PM
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