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Idaho Green Expo- what a hit Main The Durable Green Home
this had to be the best event I have participated in along time. The place was packed. don't have official numbers yet but you can believe it will be twice as big next year. Planning has already started....

planning will  start in the next couple months to plan next years events  for the Idaho Green Expo. several national experts were surprised at the size  of the first year event in Idaho. If you missed it  you really missed out on something. lots of exhibitors, seminars, and tons of people!! the exhibitors spanned Green financial, legal, landscape, clothes, consulting, energy Audits,  builders, remodelers, solar, cleaners, bug control, building components, insulation, bio-fuel, fuel savings, electric cars, local and free trade, water savers, water purification, on and on.. Next years event plans to be larger. look to the website for  upcoming information and how you can contribute or participate www.idahogreenexpo.com See you next year.

Posted by Tad Duby at 5/22/2008 4:17:00 AM
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Re:Idaho Green Expo- what a hit
I read an article on the Green movement recently that said it was on its way out? I talked to several business that also saw much interest in green. Green is the responsible thing to do in my opinion. The next level will be determining what green really is. For example is green material shipped from China really Green? Think of the energy it took to get it here. Also several green products may not have green production systems.

It is still great to be green.
Posted by on 5/22/2008 6:38 AM
Re:Idaho Green Expo- what a hit
you are correct. how do we define green? the programs with integrity in the nation like LEED have required third party varification and prescriptive or required items that have to be implemented in order to qualify-vs just checkin off a list and claiming you are green. there will be alot of Green washing because of marketing efforts but you will see programs with integrity rise to the top. Still a rising tide raises all boats ritht? so stepping in the right direction even if a little step is still a step in the right dirrection.
Posted by on 5/22/2008 9:59 AM
Re:Idaho Green Expo- what a hit
Building professionals and consumers will soon have a national standard to help define green as it relates to home building, multi-family building, and remodeling. The National Green Building Standard is being prepared by a committee of industry stakeholders and expected to be approved by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) this year.

The National Green Building Standard, which is based on the NAHB Model Green Home Building Guidelines is the first and the only residential green building standard to go through the certification process of the American National Standards Institute, or ANSI.

The ANSI process is an open consensus process, and there are very specific, very detailed requirements for any set of rules or guidelines or rating system to call itself a standard.

The standard was written in cooperation with the International Code Council with the NAHB Research Center serving as the secretariat. The consensus committee includes builders large and small, code officials, green advocates like USGBC and GBI, and government representatives including the U.S. EPA, U.S. DOE, and U.S. Navy.

Chapter 2 of the standard contains definitions. What constitutes "Green" with regard to building materials is covered in Chapter 6 Resourse Efficiency which addressed such things as bio-based products, wood products certified by recognized programs like the Forest Stewardship Council, materials which are made with primary energy derived for manufacturing from renewable
sources, combustible waste sources, or renewable energy credits
(RECs) that provide at least 33% of the primary manufacturing process energy, indigenous products, and products that are selected as the more environmentally preferable product or assembly for an application based upon the use of a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) tool compliant with ISO 14044 or other recognized standards that compares the environmental impact of building materials, assemblies, or a whole building.

Anyone who might be interested can visithttp://www.nahbrc.org/technical/standards/greenbuilding.aspx
where you can view a general log of information on the Consensus Committee on the National Green Building Standard. Information includes schedules, committee meeting notices, agendas and minutes, public comments report, draft documents, and a committee list. You can view the documents online and download copies to your computer. Or they can call or email me.

Chuck Miller Construction Inc.
(208) 229-2553
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Posted by on 5/22/2008 11:22 AM
Re:Idaho Green Expo- what a hit
you can also view the LEED H requirements on the www.usgbc.org site and under LEED H or LEED Homes you can dowload the 2008 checklist and guide. there are multiple links and fact sheets to give you more information on LEED H and what is involved. and you will find that the same people (builders included) helped for the LEED H process. This was not a program created by design proffesionals as I have heard stated. The building community was a major contributor to the LEED H process and creation. The pilot program has been out for over 7 years taking feedback from the involved parties, builders, archtects, subcontractors, raters, and others to revise and mold the program into a Huge national success. Currently there are over 15,000 homes enrolled in LEED H. up from just under 1000 last year! Idaho has been put on the map with over a dozen LEED homes certifed by ON Point LLC / Earth Advantage and has over 150 homes under contract to be built in the next year! Also LEED ND ( Neighborhood development ) pilot is underway and Idaho has 4 or more developments enrolled in that program as well. Idaho is an up and coming green movement state, nice to see the NAHB jumping on board as well.
Posted by on 5/22/2008 5:02 PM
Re:Idaho Green Expo- what a hit
As an exhibitor and speaker at the expo last weekend I can tell you that people are EXCITED! The variety of people that were there and were legitimately interested was incredible. I heard there were over 13,000 people but have yet to hear the final count. As oil crests $4 a barrel and people grow wary of high utility bills and increasingly longer commutes I would look for green to explode.

A good resource to identify some of the common questions consumers encounter in regards to green is http://www.greenhomeguide.org/

The key to green is not to look at specific products but to look at your home as system and consider how your home functions as a system. Find builders who will verify their homes to national standards and who have track records of building green homes.

Nic Stover
President Rubicon Construction
[email protected]
Posted by on 5/23/2008 9:49 AM
Re:Idaho Green Expo- what a hit
I very much enjoyed the expo and the conversations / dialog that occurred in the symposiums. Okay, however, in the spirit of the expo, I have to shake my head at whoever was giving out bottled water. As an environmental engineer, first of all I can tell you that bottled water is one of the most ridiculus things that people are very poor consumers on (let me be clear - STOP BUYING IT) and, second, there was water readily available and biodegradable cups.

We seem to be poor consumers in the US and it was otherwise great to see all of the interest in the green expo.

Oh, and I also really enjoyed the Curtis Siegers, Ned Evett, Bill Coffee (among others) concert afterwords to raise money for a permanent solar powered stage.

Scott Nicholson
Boise Valley Commercial Real Estate, LLC
[email protected]
Posted by on 5/26/2008 11:37 AM
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