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Are Builders Sacrificing Home Security for a Price Point? Main Boise Home Design
Security is the main function of the entry system. If builders are choosing substandard lock brands in the name of a bargain, the home owners will eventually pay more down the road.

It goes without saying that the first priority of door hardware is security --- at least we thought it went without saying--- but just in case:

The primary function of door hardware is two-fold: Function and Design…but if you have to sacrifice, as home owners, I think we’d agree to sacrifice design in the name of security.
While our economy does lend itself to a rise in crime, door security is not JUST about keeping your home and family safe from human intruders—intruders also take the form of filthy critters.
A friend of ours owns a beautiful home up in the foothills: SIX outdoor entrances. She called hysterical – she had mice—colonies of them! Her door hardware was insufficient to properly support the heavy 8 ft. doors that so gorgeously defined her sense of style. While it looked great when she purchased it – just over a year later, the weight of the doors was too much for the “rinky-dink” hardware installed at a great savings to the builder and cost to this family. The interior of the latches were constructed of plastic, a cheap alternative sold by one of our own local lumberyards. It left just enough closing gap to serve as an open invitation for mice.
It pays to inquire and be choosy. While traveling in Canada last week, we were quite delighted to see builders actually using quality hardware selection as a marketing tool to their consumers. Unless regular replacement of hardware – upwards of $1500.00 annually is in your budget – don’t settle for the cheapest lines out there. Protect your investment and your family.
While we thought it went without saying – of the 31 Parade Homes this last month – Only six used adequate hardware, and their values ran the gamut. Many of the mid to higher end homes chose to sacrifice latch quality and therefore put their future owners at risk.
Locks and Latches are not all created equal. Some specific construction points:
            The Latch: How solid is the construction? What are the materials used? A zinc alloy is flimsy and will fail much more quickly than a brass and steel constructed latch. Is the latch adjustable or fixed, mortise or drive in? You have heard this one before – but if they have to use a hammer to install your door hardware – it’s junk.
            The Knob or Lever: How the springs are constructed and how many wraps contributes to the strength and endurance of the action. Does this brand use a half moon or square spindle? Lock endurance tests prove that the square spindle rates at a much higher rate of use than the half moon – as well as an improved appearance.

This is not about money. Believe it or not there are high-quality, durable lock brands manufactured in EVERY price bracket….so why take the risk?

For more information on hardware quality and hands on comparisons, stop by our wholesale designer showroom at #7 9th Avenue North in Nampa, where we believe that education is the first step to product choice!

Echo Garrett, Triad Distributing NW, Inc.

Posted by Echo Garrett at 5/30/2008 1:02:00 AM
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Re:Are Builders Sacrificing Home Security for a Price Point?
I was doing some homework recently on home security and guess what i found? Statistically, front doors are the most common places burglars enter through. Maybe they look at the door knob first to see if it looks cheap to decide if they can get in.
Posted by on 5/29/2008 7:59 PM
Re:Are Builders Sacrificing Home Security for a Price Point?

Come on... NAME NAMES!

I loved your article, and believe a lot of building in the last 4 years has been...lacking.

So who built your friends house?
Which builders use the cheapest doors/knobs?
Who cuts the most corners?

FYI... I would be 10X more interested in looking at a RE ad that mentioned the quality of the doors or windows than another GRANITE COUNTERTOP posting!
Posted by on 5/30/2008 1:18 AM
Re:Are Builders Sacrificing Home Security for a Price Point?
I believe that until Suppliers and Professionals adequately educate our consumers, which include Builders, we can't publically flog themYET. There will come a time when the home owner will understand that value is more than just a perception.

I agree with you on what remain the hot buttons of quality. Windows are a great example; there was a time when wood windows were used exclusively in high end homes. Predominantly in other locations of the country, quality products like wood windows are still a common choice for higher quality homes. This is also true of full mortised and mortise latches, solid core doors, hardware components based on construction quality, masonry, etc.

In all products the threshold between mid to high end quality seems to be rising due to the lower cost alternatives. In the meantime, the younger groups of consumers are less and less aware of various aspects of quality.

What has happened to the smaller, top quality home?

Echo Garrett
Triad Distributing NW, Inc.
Posted by on 5/31/2008 8:45 AM
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