Its Not About The Length, Its About The Girth! Main Building Value into Boise Real Estate
The difference of Hazelwood Villages fiber optics technology is staggering.

Recently Chris Adams of Zial Networks presented to the developer, the builder team and the marketing company of Hazelwood Village (HWV) the differences of HWV’s fiber optics system relative to all others in the Treasure Valley. Chris displayed the actual fiber optics cable of both HWV and the others. The other community’s fiber cable is about a quarter inch in diameter and HWV’s is about one inch in diameter. After seeing this, one of the builders spoke up and said “So its not about the length, its about the girth!” We all got a chuckle over the comment. 

The following list displays why HWV’s fiber is the most advanced fiber system in the Valley, if not in the entire country.
  • HWV is only 1 of 3 communities in the country, this side of the Mississippi River, which has this cutting edge “future proof” technology.
  • “Future proof” means each home has unlimited (infinite) bandwidth capabilities. This is important as the technology of TV goes from high definition (HD) to Blue Screen to 3-Dimentional. Not the mention “gamer’s” ever changing bandwidth needs.
  • HWV is the only fiber system in the valley to have the capabilities of transmitting video, other wise know as TV, to the home. All other communities have to use dish or cable to get TV. All other communities are not future proofed!
  • The fiber cable its self is brought into each home, where as in all other subdivisions it is stubbed at the sidewalk. It then costs the homeowner’s of the other subdivisions hundreds of dollars to bring the fiber into the home. No charge at HWV.
  • The first 6 months of TV, phone and internet are free in HWV. No extended contracts are required past the first 6 month term. Keep in mind all homes are also wired for 5.1 surround sound for the ultimate viewing experience.
To schedule a time to view the HWV homes and the fiber technology please contact Joe Grubiak, Community Manager, at 208-514-9258.
Or feel free to call me direct at 208-867-4587 or visit us a www.flynnerhomes.com
Scott Flynn, RMB
Flynner Homes
Posted by Scott Flynn at 6/8/2008 8:42:00 PM
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Re:Its Not About The Length, Its About The Girth!
Scott, I must admit, this got a chuckle out of me too.

Your blog is exactly what I have been talking about in my blogs recently regarding differentiating yourself from the competition and showing the benefits of your value added services.
Posted by on 6/8/2008 1:07 PM
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