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recently I had a client call me that was having trouble with his painter finding a solution for low VOC lacquer to apply to natural wood in a home. the painter was quoting high costs and having to buy huge volumes of product because of availability-here the rest for the story.....

So I don't take this sort of thing lightly and I have dealt with enough subs and suppliers in my 20 + actual years of construction to know that sometimes you have to call their bluff. So I called 5 suppliers in town of local paint products and found that they all supplied and were willing to supply and research products for me that met the requirement for the product we needed.  This took me about 15 minutes to find the products and suppliers we needed.

Also the cost was not allot more than the conventional product that the painter was currently using. I also went to Green Foundations 5242 W chinden 321-1400  later that day as I was running between meetings, that also stocked products that painters were using and very happy with. The builder received this information and had the product that he needed to keep moving forward on his project without the delays of having  to order large quantities that the painter had told him would be the case.

So moral of the story. Don't just take someones opinion that you can not find what you need. sure sometimes this will be the case or you may need more  lead time, but understand that we all are humans and we resist change. So this painter  was not a bad person, he  just did not want to go out of his box and find the product that he needed. it is easier to not change anything, use or do the things you have always done. Problem is if we resist change we do not learn, grow, and eventually prosper. The world is changing around us, and if we do not change and grow with it we will be left behind. if  you do the research you will find that most things you want or need are available, do the proper planning or hire someone to do it for you. With the green movement you will find more products every time you turn around that are locally supplied. many businesses are  trying to meet the huge consumer demand that is present. the Idaho Green expo was a great example of the market that exists in Boise for more Green sustainable products and building. GO GREEN! 

Posted by Tad Duby at 6/18/2008 4:52:00 PM
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Re:misconceptions of cost or availability for green products
To further Tad's comments . . . we use LOW VOC paints and our painters LOVE IT! Stating it makes them hungry eliminates them having to open windows and goes on very easily.

Posted by on 6/19/2008 10:10 AM
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