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Your home has gotta be Over the Top! You also have to be like a cruise ship. See the video.

In a soft market there are plenty of stories of failures but why are some builders still building and selling homes? Location Location Location, Value Value Value!

I sat down with Scott Flynn recently and we discussed his company. You can definitely here how proud he is but there are three things that you as a consumer should realize-

  1. Subdivision Amenities
  2. House Amenities
  3. Builder Amenities

The first two you probaly understand but what are builder amenities? It is the things that a builder can do to improve his product without spending more of your money. It is in the details- Energy Star, Floor Plans, the right supplier relationships and details. .Admittedly, not everyone will like a Flynner Home but  what should we learn? The developer is more important than ever. If you are considering subdivision with nothing, you should be getting a great price. If the subdivision has amenities-

  • Pressurized irragtion water
  • Parks
  • Walking paths
  • Community Pool
  • Community Building
  • Fiber optics
  • Lawn Maintenance
  • or other features or services

you can expect to pay more. Don't forget to check HOA dues.


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