Deadline is Friday for the BCA's Fall Collection of Homes! Main Meridian Homes for Sale
Event will occur in October, but the deadline to apply for one of the 40 homes to be showcased ends this Friday!


The Building Contractor’s Association of Southwest Idaho (BCA) will be hosting their annual Fall Collection of Homes again this October. The deadline to submit your entry is this coming Friday, July 11th.
The Fall Collection was originally conceived by Keith Borup (Borup Construction) for the builder members of the BCA to try to sell their model homes prior to winter so they could be ready with new models again in the spring. As the market got stronger, builders actually started building models specifically for the Fall Collection like they do for the Parade of Homes.
When I called Keith about the upcoming deadline, his first thought was “I don’t think I can get a home designed and built in time this year with this late of a start".  I reminded him that he was the one that told me almost ten years ago that this was his suggestion to the BCA as a way to clear inventory so maybe his idea had come full circle and maybe it should be used as originally intended to clear some of his inventory.
Since Keith is fortunate enough to be getting tons of publicity from NBC televisions new show “The Baby Borrowers” http://www.nbc.com/The_Baby_Borrowers/ as the builder of the homes in addition to the film crews, etc. he may not need to spend the money on Fall Collection this year, but other builders should consider it!
The entry fee is $1,300 with an additional $175 sign deposit. I know in the past, I have had some developers and builders coop the fee with me since we all benefitted from the traffic and exposure of the Fall Collection. Since I just launched my own real estate brokerage 2 months ago after being a licensed Realtor here for 17 years, I would welcome the opportunity to work with some of the builders on this great event.
It doesn’t get near the traffic of the “Parade of Homes” but my experience has always been better at the Fall Collection since it is really buyer’s coming out to look at the homes, not just people looking to see this years extravagant Home Theater rooms and decorating ideas.
For more information on this years event, call or email me or contact Autumn at the BCA’s office in Boise.
Your "Marketing Subcontractor",
Posted by Jim Paulson at 7/9/2008 10:13:00 PM
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