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With hundreds of new homes for sale it is hard to deny.

Buyers Market

This month we have been updating the Subdivision Locator  and I am almost finished with Boise. One of the changes that you will notice is that for every subdivision BC is displaying listings of new homes for sale and lots. Additionally, we are adding a column for lot sizes and displaying icons for subdivision amenities.

It really is amazing just how much inventory there is. When you look at totals and breakout #'s it is easy to absorb but when your start analyzing subdivision by subdivision and builder by builder and lot by lot you realize it is a buyers market.

After saying that you also have to realize that each person has different needs and wants. After funneling down to what is available that fits each person's needs it may only be a few dozen. 

Boise New Subdivisions
North Boise
Northeast Boise
Southeast Boise
Boise Bench
Southwest Boise
Southwest Boise/ Meridian
West Boise
West Boise/ Meridian

Good luck, it's a jungle out there,

Trey Langford

Posted by tlangford at 7/10/2008 3:23:00 PM
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Re:Boise Real Estate Market Update- It's a buyers market

I would argue it is a sellers market... let's look back at

Sept 2007, you called it a "buyers market". If you were the buyer you have now probably lost 10% (not counting 6% RE fees- which are built into the price and can't count as value)... the seller on the other hand is 10% Richer!

Now let's assume they buyer made a down payment (haha! I know- old school right?)-- they now likely have a 100% loss ...wow!

So yes, there are a large selection of overvalued homes on the market for a buyer today, but a fool will always find lots of opportunity to part with his money...

Sellers, its your market, you are getting the deal...it will just take a bit of work in 2008... (homes priced appropriately sell quickly fyi)

We can look back at this buyers market in Dec and see how fortunate our buyers our...after all if so many want to sell to you...isn't that a little suspicious hmmmm
Posted by on 7/10/2008 2:28 PM
Re:Boise Real Estate Market Update- It's a buyers market
Great points, thanks for chiming in. Trey
Posted by tlangford on 7/10/2008 2:59 PM


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