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Is now a good time to be a Realtor in Ada County?

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I interviewed an agent yesterday that is thinking of moving his license to my company. He was hesitant because he is curious about the state of the industry. Here is my reply to him.

I don’t have a crystal ball to forecast the market; however, I am pretty confident that demographics will always change and that means people will always be buying and selling houses. 

In other words:
·         people will be born,
·         people will die,
·         get married,
·         get divorced,
·         get transferred,
·         get richer,
·         get poorer,
·         get older,
·         need to invest,
·         need to cut tax liability,
·         plan for retirement,
·         etc.
I have sold houses to clients based on every single one of these reasons! The only difference will be which characteristic or demographic is going through which cycle and the number of agents trying to capitalize on it.
When I first got my real estate license in Idaho 17 years ago, there were only about 700 Realtors in Ada County.  We peaked at about 4,200 and now are down to about 3,800.  Yes there were more houses selling two years ago, but the number of agents chasing those sales increased as well.  As the market expands and contracts, the long term good agents will typically prevail and the fly by nighters will find some new get rich scheme to chase after when the market slows.
Unfortunately, they will be back when things look rosy again!


Jim Paulson, CRS, GRI, EPR0 - Broker/Owner of Progressive Realty Corporation



Posted by Jim Paulson at 8/2/2008 5:42:00 PM

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