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Canyon County to Begin Enforcing 2006 IRC Residential Heating and Cooling System Manual J & D Requirements Training September 22 & 23


Beginning January 1, 2009 Canyon County and the City of Nampa will enforce provisions of the code that require HVAC system, (Manual J), and duct sizing, (Manual D). A two day technical design and software session will be held for HVAC professionals on September 22 and 23 at the Nampa Civic Center. The Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance and Association of Idaho Cities support this program to give the attendee the information necessary to successfully use the Wrightsoft software to calculate residential loads and design residential ducted distribution systems. This is currently the only training session scheduled in this area for the remainder of 2008.
The two day training will cover:
Day 1
Manual J & Manual D Basics
Day 2
Wrightsoft Software Training - Please bring your own laptop.
Wrightsoft Software Discount Available to Attendees Only
Registration fee is $50.00 per person.
This training will assist the contractor and HVAC professionals in understanding the intent and scope of the code requirements and provide clear information on jurisdictional requirements for submittals. So if your HVAC contractor does not currently prepare Manual J and Manual D calculations for plan submittals, please make sure they register for this training.
John Coldiron
Posted by John Coldiron at 8/29/2008 4:12:00 PM
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