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Eagle Homes with Great Amenities!

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"Great amenities nearby" is a common request for new buyers....what does Eagle offer and what communities are nearby that facilitate easy access and great activities?

 Well, Roth Homes has a townhome project near downtown Eagle in the mid-$200 range that offers an amazing access point to fun places such as Starbucks, RiverRock Alehouse, Albertsons, McDonalds', Blue Moon Cafe, Mimi Marie's Boutique, Rembrandt's coffee house (think live music and great art!) and other, shop-stoppers!  Equally as attractive, new communities where you can bring your own builder such as Covenant Hills and Vizcaya, also bring great proximity to this unique and up and coming town.  If you have a community north of Hwy 44 and near the city of Eagle...I'd like to hear from you! I know there's a couple more great ones..I'd love to have you comment.  :)

Eagle Homes for Sale offer great amenities....tell me something good!  (courtesy of Clint Swindall!)


Melissa Norris, MBA

Posted by Melissa Norris at 9/2/2008 4:06:00 AM

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