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What is going on with EAGLE homes for sale? According to Intermountain MLS, Ada County CURRENTLY has approx 1063 newly constructed residential listings. August alone saw approx 130 newly constructed homes SOLD in Ada County....this reflects an average price of $237,699.......EAGLE has sold 4 of those 130 newly constructed homes with an average price of $653,350 (median price is $850,000)...this is a little over 3% of the total market.

Homesites...like in Covenant Hills Sub which features 27- one acre lots with views of Eagle in a country setting start from the $129,900 price point.   This great location off Floating Feather and still close to the city of Eagle grazes Dry Creek and provides an excellent backdrop for your brand new home.  Choose your builder, choose your site...build your home!   Let those stats above lead the way as you builder your Eagle home.....

Like Clint Swindall would say..."Tell me something good"....where do you want to build? 

Mellissa Norris

Posted by Melissa Norris at 9/24/2008 8:39:00 PM
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Re:WHAT is going on in Eagle, ID?!!!
Median price is $850K! This is BOISE IDAHO! This will end very very badly! Incomes in Boise have been flat for 10 years....10 years ago how many Boise homes were $850K or more. Do we have a land shortage in Boise? This nakes me mad becase the artificial inflation of housing prices directly impacts the poor and working class. 3x income is a rule for a reason.

Okay 1 week off on my Washington Mutual call- (shareholders 0 is effective BK)..it was postponed because of the bailout bill but pushed to prod congress to sign

Wachovia in on month. Take down in a similar fashion by US Bank.

Raise cash folks things are moving quickly. Return of capital is key, avoid debt (if you can even get it). The panic in DC now is because of threats to cut off the USA's ability to borrow and finance day to day operations.
Posted by on 9/26/2008 3:05 AM
Re:WHAT is going on in Eagle, ID?!!!
Agreed....remember that this is EAGLE stats and that MEDIAN is completely different than average. Median of those homes SOLD is the middle of the FOUR homes that actually closed. AVERAGE would average all four homes.

Thanks for your comment-- based on our valley incomes, the average home buyer here can afford approx. $250K or under according to industry experts.
Posted by on 9/26/2008 1:24 PM
Re:WHAT is going on in Eagle, ID?!!!
Crap, missed the Wachovia call! Three weeks early and Citi took it...well the good parts, you and I taxpayers get the 1st and 2nd mortgages :-)
Posted by on 9/29/2008 5:37 AM
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