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Basement footage takes advantage of energy efficiency, green design and overall price per foot.

Are You Building Up or Building Down? In this modern age of conservation, energy efficiency and our obsession with price per square foot what could be a  better mach than a basement. Now I am not talking about Grandma’s spider infested, water stained dungeon or the root cellar that has its very own high water mark in the spring. I am referring to what some call the “best square footage on the planet”. With nine or ten foot ceilings, rec-rooms, theatre rooms and home gyms the re-immergence of the basement home is taking the valley by storm.  Surrounded by dirt on three or four sides with a naturally occurring average indoor temperature of around 68 degrees, the basement home becomes the epitome of energy efficiency.  The conservation of exterior finish materials bodes well for the green at heart and of course drives the price per square foot down dramatically. In today’s market one could expect to pay a starting price of $50 per square foot for a finished basement  which more than compares to any above grade construction. .Energy efficient, green and less money,how can you beet that? If you would like to take a look at one first hand  feel free to call as I was so impressed with the basements that I built for my customers that I built one for myself.
Eric Evans ST, SHK
Posted by Eric Evans at 10/20/2008 4:30:00 PM
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Re:Buiding UP or Build Down?
We have a daylight basement and love it as well. One thing I would like to do someday is put a vent and run air up to the upper level in hte summer and pipe warm air down in the winter.By the way, I just did and energy efficiency test on the house Friday and the house did way better than I antcipated. I had one majoe hole which was in the basement where a pipe was exposed under a sink and needs to be calked. Last thought- Sunday afternoon in August go to the basement, close the shades and take a nap! That is the best.Trey Langford
Posted by on 10/21/2008 7:28 AM
Re:Buiding UP or Build Down?
I am surprised to see you talk about price per square foot? Most buidlers do not like to talk about that? Which is funny because most buyers do. Basements seem to be more popular in other parts of the country but it seems as energy becomes more important basements make more sense- we do live in the desert!

Also what about radon?
Posted by on 10/20/2008 9:39 AM
Re:Buiding UP or Build Down?
Trey- I had no idea that you lived in a daylight. I knew that there had to be something about you that I liked, ha, ha :):)
Posted by Eric Evans on 10/21/2008 7:30 AM
Re:Buiding UP or Build Down?
I appreciate the feedback from everyone. Those around me, even my past, present and future customers all have found out that I am not afraid to talk about any topic especially one that I know so much about. Price per sq foot is the language that realtors and buyers use. I learned a long time ago to equate value to price per sqare foot when addressing the same. As far as Radon is concerned , you have brought up a valid point. So much so that I have decided to test my basement for Radon and feature the results in my next blog along side current research and information on the subject. Are we dying from Radon Gas Expsoure? Stay tuned to find out.

Posted by Eric Evans on 10/21/2008 7:41 AM
Re:Buiding UP or Build Down?
Katy- The media fixation on the negative market conditions is all about SALES. Crisis, epidemics, natural disasters and the fall of the Roman Empire are all headliners that promote sales in print. To change this M.O. we would literally have to change the hearts and minds of a target audience who is spending more money today on negative media thatn ever before. I guess the real question is why the American public is so obsessed with disaster?

Posted by Eric Evans on 10/21/2008 8:49 AM
Re:Buiding UP or Build Down?
Posted by on 10/23/2008 8:21 PM
Re:Buiding UP or Build Down?
I too am seeing alot of basement remodels being done and once the industry picks up I'm sure that we will be seeing more downward building. It makes total sense for the green building sector.
Posted by on 3/5/2009 2:48 PM
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