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cold weather coming time to think of weatherizing your home? Main The Durable Green Home
with the fall days getting colder ( my favorite time of the year) many people start to think of weatherizing their homes, buying new windows, upgrading furnaces or insulation. but where to start???

get a Home Energy Audit first!! I cant tell you how important this is. I am constantly getting calls from homeowners ( new homes and old )  that are calling me after they have done improvements. Heres the deal, if you call a insulator, they will typically make insulation recommendations and sell insulation. If you call a HVAC person you will typically get HVAC recommendations. Window dealer well you get the picture.

There are several contractors offering Home Performance energy audits of homes. you can go to www.energystar.gov and there is a free evaluation of your home that will give you some information to start improving the energy efficiency of your home. You can also get information about the tax credits that are extended on home energy improvements and have access to a tool to evaluate you appliances for replacement.  But for a clear understanding of where to start and what makes the most sense with your money you will need to get an Home Performance evaluation. Trey did a blog on his assessment he had on his home and the contact for it.. You can also go to www.onpointadvantage.com for our contact information, or www.natresnet.org   or www.energystar.gov for a Energy star partner contractor or Resnet certified Rater to provide home performance testing for your home. What will you learn or get out of it? Depending on the type of evaluation you will get specific measures to improve infiltration (leaks) of you home and ducts, recommendations on insulation levels and installation, lighting and appliance information, maybe learn of durability or health risks that should be taken care of or evaluated, and  a recommendation or protocol of where to start and how to proceed. With 75% of buildings that will exist by year 2050 already built it would make sense that improving the existing home market would be our best investment in our future, both from a personnel perspective and a world wide perspective as well. But don't throw good money after bad, have an audit done so you can have a plan of action and priorities. Soon to come will be the Idaho energy raters association that will list current raters that specifically deal with existing homes. look for more info coming out.

Posted by Tad Duby at 10/24/2008 5:00:00 PM
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Re:cold weather coming time to think of weatherizing your home?
Im a believer in the home energy tests. After learning about the problems our house had and that it leaked like sieve, OnPoint came out and did a home inspection and Red Door Blow tests. They gave us our To Do List. We slowly completed most of them over the next year or so. We invited OnPoint back and they did another Red Door Blower test. The results were amazing and verified all the home improvement projects that we had undertaken. Even better, the comfort level in our house increased and you can feel the difference.

So, we went to the next step and did an addition we had been talking about for years. We added 500 + square feet using a Green Builder, made a condition crawlspace, installed tankless hot water heater, installed a heat recovery ventilator, and more. Now we are hoping the heating and cooling bills remain the same or less than before. First summer electric bills were under $55/month; second summer bills were under $75 but we also added a hot tub. Summer gas bills were under $15/month. Bring on the cold weather, we are ready for it.
Posted by on 12/30/2008 5:06 PM
Re:cold weather coming time to think of weatherizing your home?
this is so cool to see the actual results of performing the recomendations we gave!!! great to see it made a big difference in the comfort and affordabilitiy of the home. Glad we could help
Posted by on 12/30/2008 6:23 PM
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