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maybe not the right time of the year, but the articles in the Idaho Statesman on Nov 8th and 13th were good articles about how beneficial this can be. Mark Hixson (builder) designed and installed the system and On Point LLC www.onpointadvantage.com did the LEED H certification of the home. More and more homeowners are asking about harvesting

rainwater for use in landscape watering needs. if you know of a contractor experienced in this, please comment and let us know. Many states and countries are moving to allow or encourage rainwater harvesting, and it totally makes sense in a dry climate like ours to take advantage of the rainfall, and to design landscapes that are tolerant to low water needs. Water is expensive and will only get more expensive as much of the west dries up from growth and over watering. Rainwater harvesting can be as simple as rain barrels (which I can tell you fill in about 10 minutes in a rainfall here) to more elaborate systems with below or above ground tanks. Water saving measures will become more of a priority in this area in the next 5 years, so why not consider a system on your new or existing home, the other benefit of harvesting rainwater is the management of the drainage on the site and from the home. there are hundreds of homes that have problems with water in the crawls space because of poor managment of runoff, site drainage, and watering.

Posted by Tad Duby at 11/13/2008 6:14:00 PM
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Re:rainwater harvesting
Tad- way cool!

I totally want one of these! My dream home will have rainwater collection, small farm/livestock and solar or wind. -no not a survivalist, just my kind of gadgets and fun!

Great to hear this for Idaho too! We take water way too forgranted!
Posted by on 11/14/2008 8:25 AM
Re:rainwater harvesting

Cool and simple! At a minimum our NAHB green certified homes will use rain barrels.


Posted by on 11/17/2008 3:29 PM
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