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If This Isn't Green Living Then I Don't Know What Is!

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The following is an email I received this morning from a homeowner in the Willowgreens Community. Willowgreens is a 100% Energy Star infill community located on the Boise Greenbelt, adjacent to a wetlands enhancement preserve, 100 yards from the river and 5 minutes to downtown Boise. Willowgreens will soon have Idaho's first certified green home under the National Association of Home Builders Green Home Program.

Hi Scott,

Dave and I went fishing this morning and walked about 200 yards from our house.  He caught this Steelhead within about 20 minutes of arriving.  It was beautiful with the ducks and geese fluttering in the meadows around us.  We love how the river and greenbelt serve as an extension of our house.
lovin it
 Willowgreens Neighbor
For more information regarding the Willowgreens Community please feel free to call me direct at 208-867-4587 or visit us a www.flynnerhomes.com
Scott Flynn, RMB, CGP
Flynner Homes
Posted by Scott Flynn at 11/17/2008 7:40:00 PM

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