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Chanel two rainwater feature Main The Durable Green Home
Chanel two will feature Mark Hixson and the Seabolts residence this Friday at PM. Rainwater catchment is only one of the many features of this home that make a green Certified home. This home is a LEED certified Green Built home certified by www.onpointadvantage.com working with Earth Advantage out of Portland. some of the other features are...

high efficiency heating, cooling, and water heating equipment that was tested at less than 1% leakage ( the standard built home is over 30% energy star minimum is 6%) low VOC building materials and paints, low water usage inside the home, energy star rated appliances, energy efficient lighting, recycled component decking, local materials for wood, concrete, etc, Calculated ventilation rates, indoor air quality measures, calculated and designed heat loads and duct layout, advanced framing and insulation details, low water tolerant landscaping, close to community resources and transportation, and probably some other items I have left out. One of the unique measures that this project featured was a passive design for cooling designed by Mark Hixson ( this is a benefit of having a builder / architect ) and another unusual measure was Mark gathered, cut and applied recycled concrete for the cladding on the chimney, retaining walls and steps. This was truly thinking outside of the box, Mark has a unique way of thinking about a project and this was something he was really interested in trying out. You would not know it was concrete to look at it, it looks like stone! while this is not something allot of projects might do, it was a great example of what can be done if a person thinks about the use and disposal of todays building products. Mark was also the designer of the water catchment system which not only harvests roof water but site water as well. look for the show-hopefully they will do the home justice! Great job Mark!!

Posted by Tad Duby at 11/19/2008 4:36:00 PM
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