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Construction Excellence Recommendation
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Brenda Duggan
Paramount Subdivision
Meridian, Idaho

Who is your Idaho Home Builder?  Who is your Idaho Home Builder?
Brighton Corp Brighton Homes LLC
When was your home completed?  When was your home completed?
     April 2008
Construction Type?  Construction Type?
Custom Home (Home designed from scratch)
  Idaho Home Builder Recommendation?
From day one this team was informative, trustworthy, had the highest integrity, and were caring folks. I had never owned a home and certainly had never built one, but I had plenty of friends and family who had. There was no way I wanted to go through what they had been through. But, Brighton calmed my fears and assured me that they would be straight with me. I can absolutely say that they took good care of me. The value I received from my home was far greater than I paid. So many upgrades come standard...tile backsplashes, wood wrapped doors and windows, 6 in moulding, so many big beautiful windows. One of the reasons I didn't want to build in the first place is that you usually experience escalating cost as you go and once you sink all your cash into the house you still have a fence and landscaping to put in after you move in. But Brighton includes that in the cost of the home. They also give you access to an interior designer to help you select your colors and materials. You don't know what you don't know when you first buy a home, much less build one. Now, 8 months later I can honestly say my experience was amazing. There were a few surprises, as Brighton had never built this floor plan before. But not once did any of those surprises get passed on to me. I was given a budget for fixtures, appliances and lighting and I was able to put high end finishes where they matter most to me and moderate where they did not. I only went over $200 in appliances and $80 in lighting, so my budget was ample. Yes I did get a few upgrades, but Brighton walked me through each one and helped me decide what I should do now and what I might be able to do just as easily later. As a single mom I had to be careful, and Brighton understood that. Once you move in you receive the highest level of service both at move in and well beyond. My home was a rush, as I had a deadline to be out of the home I was in. Brighton worked around the clock and at no time did I pay the price for the rushed timeframe. The home comes with a one year guarantee and they stand behind it every step of the way. I fortuneately have had little need to call them for help with a problem with the house, but they are always around checking with me to make sure all is well. I will only build with Brighton if ever I have to move again. This group really cares. At every step the team is top notch. Even the contractors that worked on the house were impressive AND sang the praises of Brighton. I have a few construction friends who looked at the quality of the home as it went up and every one of them...100%...were impressed. I have a beautiful home that is sound and comfortable with so many beautiful extras that most new homes do not have at my price point. Many of my friends are worried that their home will drop in value in these tough economic times, but sincerely I do not worry about that because I KNOW that will not be the case. I highly recommend Brighton as they are more than builders, they build dreams, communities and trust. Build with Brighton...you can not go wrong and even more, you will be far ahead of the others.
Why should your builder be recognized for Construction Excellence
At every step of the way they had the highest integrity. There were no surprises and they delivered what they promised when they promised...period. The quality of the materials and the additional services provided were far better than other builders. My construction friends told me that at every step of the way my home was built right with no short cuts taken and so many little extras added...like arches and rounded off corners. The standard extras that you do not find in other builders are extensive...upraded tile backsplashes, HD laminate, laminate flooring with extra padding so it does not sound hollow, extra padding in the carpet, wood wrapped windows and doors, 6 in mouldings, etc... These guys know how to deliver quality. Where there were extras that I wanted they were able to get them for me at a price I could afford. They have built great relationships with their contractors and vendors and you see that reflected in the quality and service provided. But, those contractors also rave about Brighton, which speaks really highly of them.
  Is the home Energy Star, LEED, or NAHB Green Certified?
Yes, Energy efficiency was most important to me. As a single mom I worry about the utilities that can beat my budget down in the dead of winter and the middle of summer. UT, my utilitiy bills have been the lowest I have ever had. It is amazing and it is relieving to me. We can even afford to use the gas fireplace now.
   What is your favorite element or feature of your home?
The light. All the many, many winows provide light in every corner and every room in the house...even the closet. The house moves fluidly and the light follows you through every space in the home. Even my garage has a window.
  Best place to shop for home decor?
Impact Imports. They are an imports warehouse that have unusual pieces at an affordable price because their overhead is kept low by locating in a warehouse off the beaten path. Drew and Suzanne Mc Daniel are amazing, as they know their stuff. If they do not have it they will find it and get it in for you. If the store is closed and you need something...no worries, they will come in just for you! Not sure it will work in that little niche? No problem...take it home and test it. If it works they will charge you. If not, bring it back. How is it possible to go wrong with this business model? And many of their items are green and recycled. This is a gem of a store and though I hesitate to mention it, as I do not want my little secret to be exposed...these folks deserve the business and you certainly deserve a chance to peek inside!!!
  Is there a company you would recommend for their service or quality products?
Impact Imports, as stated above. www.impactimportsusa.com.  
Helena's Interiors Inc. Helena and her staff are amazing and do a high end job at a low end rate. My blinds were purchsed from Helena and installed all at a pprice less than what I could have done to buy and install them myself. She is an expert at color and her taste is impecable. [email protected] .
  Tell us about your community
Paramount, in Meridian ,ID This community is a family friendly, safe haven. 7 Parks, 3 pools, lighted walking paths, community events almost every month, Elementary through High School, Catholic and Mormon churches. Soon to come will be a village area with shops and restaurants. A mere 5 mins are three grocery stores, Target, Lowes, Walgreens, restaurants, etc... Really, do I ever need to leave my community???
Share your experience with your realtor-
Ugh...my realtor was awful! Brighton and Brighton's realtors took care of me...not my realtor. It was a sin that she got credit for the sale.
What advice would you give someone buying or building a new home?
You can not go wrong with Brighton. As a single mom who had never bought a home much less built one, Brighton took care of me at every step, even when I didn't realize it. They are my hero's. They have given me a beautiful, safe, efficient home that I just can't stop bragging to others about and thanking God for every day.

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Brighton Homes- Boise, IdahoBrighton Homes
208/  378-4000

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