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oh the ice cycles they are forming while the heat is escaping, oh the problems they are coming, if cold weather is staying.. Main The Durable Green Home
the ice cycles are melting now, but oh the tales they tell of heat loss to the attic either through penetrations in the ceiling that need to be air sealed, or ducts in the attic that are leaking, or my bet combination of both...they are so pretty, so what is the problem??

ice cycles mean ice dams. when ice dams up at the eves of the roof it might seem harmless but what happens is the ice builds up under great under the roofing and eventually runs up under the tar paper and then into the home causing lots of damage. so why don't we hear about this in Boise? well for one we usually don't get enough cold weather with snow on the roof to start ice damming. the snow usually melts fast enough that this does no happen. but if you paid attention to home in December you would notice lots of ice dams. especially in valleys ( this is where there is usually no insulation ) and you will notice hot spots on roofs for no apparent reason. usually means a duct is strapped to the underside of the roof ( where were the adults when this decision was made??) funny- i have had builders that have wanted to bury the ducts under insulation in the attic and the code inspector Will not let them because they want to see the ducts!!! they don't look at them anyway!!! if I had a dollar for every attic access I have seen caulked shut ( stupid idea) I would not be writing this blog-well maybe I still would ( ha) it is ridiculous that the code officials want them strapped to the underside of the roof or trusses, let see 130 or hotter degree air flowing through R-6  ducts ( almost no insulation) in an attic that should be around the outside temperature of 20 degrees or so- who in the world thinks this is good? can you say huge heat loss?? get the ducts in conditioned space ( inside the home) or under the insulation if possible. and seal all penetrations to attic ( lighting, plumbing, mechanical, etc )

eliminate the heat loss you can usually eliminate the ice dams. oh the heat we are retaining, for our pocket books need refraining, no more ice dams we are creating, let it snow let it snow let it snow!!

it sounds better if you think of bing Crosby singing it!! Merry Christmas a little to late, but Happy New Year!!!

Posted by Tad Duby at 12/31/2008 1:29:00 AM
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