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Yesterday, I toured Idaho's first NAHB Green Home. For those that think it is easy to build green, you have a lot to learn, it is way more than code which is the lowest quality a home builder can offer.

 Many of you have been reading about Scott Flynn's newest project in Willowgreens but yesterday about 12 people got the chance to get the first look after the framing was completed so we could see "inside the walls." For those of you that think building green is easy, you have a lot to learn. It is much more than just product selection and extra insulation. It takes planning, team work and vision. 

Let's get to a few of the big differences. One, is that there are a number of  hurdles you have to prepare to cross before you can even begin. A green home must start out to be green or it will not be verfiably green. John Coldiron is the verifier and was extremely thorough in presenting the points that Scott has to earn to receive verification. I was impressed with the thought process that had to go into this home including the development.  

Secondly, endless verification. In the preparation, even the subcontractors have to be aware and committed to follow processes and procedures. There was even a designated place and process for garbage. Third, The home is a complete package. It is energy star, plus healthy, plus environmentally friendly, plus designed to be a better home, plus just smart meaning a lot of common sense and lastly comfortable.

If you are considering a green home here a few points I picked up-

  • It takes a lot of planning. The home is a beautiful structure today and you can already tell the floor plan is very functional but there were a few tweeks to make it greener like the location of the hot water heater, which is tankless. 
  • It is a team effort including garbage removal. Having one person leading the effort is not enough and does not stop until the project is completed.
  • It is really not more expensive. One of the points that Scott Flynn pounded hard was the affordability of going green. Numerous times he focused on how many points of going green were also where the industry is already headed as well.

The benefits of green homes are really straight forward- responsible construction with considerations for sustainability.If you are ready to build green, check out www.NAHBGreen.org . Check out the scoring section and you will quickly learn why planning is essential.

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