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Guilty Until Proven Innocent

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When it comes to your consumer credit profile and errors that are reporting, you are guilty until proven innocent.

How important are excellent credit scores in today's New World? They are the difference between being able to buy a home or not, starting a new business or not, getting a job or not...the list goes on and on. This isn't a problem on the surface...people with LEGITIMATELY poor credit should not be allowed to buy a home. But what if you are someone who is having incorrect information reported on your credit report that a mortgage lender or prospective employer uses to evaluate you. Unfortunately, you may be denied the mortgage or not offered the job because your credit score is INCORRECTLY too low.

Perhaps you have attempted to work with the credit bureaus in the past to have inaccurate information removed or corrected. If so, you may know exactly what I mean when I say you may be considered "guilty until proven innocent." The credit bureaus won't help you until you have tried to contact your creditor. Then your creditor tells you that they have sold your account to a collection agency that only employs pit bulls to man the phones and accounts. And, by the way, the collection agency that owns your account NOW isn't the first collection agency that your creditor sold the account to originally.

You can see how easy it might be for someone to just throw the white flag up...and by doing so, they subject themselves to a future of more expensive insurance rates, higher interest rates, and even bankruptcy...all because they didn't know how to fight the battle against the bureaus.

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Posted by Eric Leigh at 1/9/2009 5:02:00 PM

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