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Idaho statesman article on smart growth was another bash on development that improves the valley...this should post some comments good or bad.I guess I have just stood by and listened to this nonsense long enough!

it continues to amaze me that the media or planners would like to see hay Fields plowed up  with no thought to connectivity, traffic flow, community, or just general good planning of home construction and livability! they continue to bash smart development that strives to connect neighbors and build a sense of community. I have not see an article or a comment by the planning community on the disaster of development that has occurred in the valley in the last 15 years. you can drive into a wealth of subdivisions throughout the valley that do not connect by either walking or driving to the same subdivision or the adjacent one, no planning for reducing vehicle travel, no thought to mix development, no thought to energy or sustainable living, building or development. Then we get some developers that want to stive for sustainable development and they are continuously berated by the media and the same planners that approved rampant development throughout the valley!

Just because you drop several hundred homes on a hay Field in Meridian does not mean it was planned out, especially when you can't even walk from one sub to the other,  or the grocery store. And what about waste and water? who even thinks of this? well some subs have, reducing use, promoting native or drought tolerant landscaping, re-using waste water, etc.

has the Media paid attention to the Smart development around the nation? have they talked to the people that live in these communities and seen that they actually do interact with their neighbors? Why is the North End of Boise so valued? Do the Smart growth communities live up to everything they tried to do? no, they haven't, but are we better for them? I believe Yes. I haven't seen any awards, magazine articles, or write ups about the great communities of the subs in Kuna, or other areas of the valley in national publications like I have on the smart growth communities that we have here.

This I am sure is a hot topic, but if a developer wants to developer ground would it not be better to use smart growth planning? how about some thought to connectivity to the community, to future development, to neighbors, how about mixed development? how about thinking about water use? how about energy? How about to reducing the need for power, water, driving, how about some open space? how about a commitment to promote at a minimum energy efficient construction? In many ways building smart is cheaper or the same cost as just building, it just takes some planning up front. okay now I feel better I have had some say anyway..

Posted by Tad Duby at 1/12/2009 5:08:00 PM
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Re:smart growth-article in statesman last week.
Tad- Man. No more coffee and doughnuts for you before 11am. It seems to get you riled up. This is a huge dilemma. Money does not solve problems but it ususally takes money to solve one. Two points.
1) Thus far we really have not had a large scale master planned community. We will see what Avimor does.
2) How do you get developers who all act individually to work together, especially when they probably don't know what each other is doing? Is this where the commissioners step in?

Do we have a model new community or one in development that you do like?
Posted by on 1/12/2009 10:51 AM
Re:smart growth-article in statesman last week.
we do have some good examples of smart planning,(award winning if fact) Hidden Springs is deffinateley one of them, and Avimor has some great planning as well (if they had not spent huge amounts of money fighting to get approval it would have really helped) but yet drive down eagle road, locust grove, or a variety of streets in Meridian, Kuna, Nampa, and drive in the communities-Yuck!! cut it up and stack em in. Browns Crossing is another good example of some smarter planning, and Im sure Im leaving several out.
how do we get developers to work together-hmm can someone say planners should look at more than just the plot plan? Another great example is the new phase of Harris Ranch ( not yet underway), what a great design, with turnabouts ( don't know if the term is right) instead of stop signs an lights ( slow down traffic without stopping saving time, Money, infastructure, and signifficantly reducing polution and drive time. what an easy planning method to implement.
I know its alot easier and cheaper in the short term to just plow and throw, but eventually someone has to pay to solve the problems. Kinda like road construction here-build and re-do every two years, at least that is job security.
Im not saying these communities are perfect, but Im tired of the media pounding these subdivisions that are really trying to do the right things.
Posted by on 1/12/2009 3:57 PM
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