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well sometimes you think you got it figured out and then you pick up a article and find out that you really weren't as smart as you thought..just because i studied solar technology does not mean I make the right choices! Solar shading good summer-bad winter!! and I'm suposed to know what I'm doing....

great article from www.buildinggreen.com about window screens affecting winter fuel use during the winter. I knew that screens block a significant amount of solar gain in the summer, but really had not thought at all about the winter and taking them off. In the article the author test different glazing configurations and determines that the screens on the windows block about 30-40% of the heat that would otherwise enter through the windows! wow! I have recommended screens to clients in the summer but had failed to tell them to take them off in the winter! Here i am reading the article on the website and looking out my south windows at the screens! I did roll up the exterior shades, so i got some of it right! so there is still some winter and cold months left, take those screens off and let the sun in!!  everyone needs a slice of humble pie once in awhile!

Posted by Tad Duby at 1/26/2009 12:23:00 AM
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