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Avision LLC based in Nampa Idaho www.avisionllc.com is defining Green door building right here in Idaho. Titus Gilliam has created a company that is using reclaimed lumber from Barns and other structures, and then milling them into Great looking and very well built doors, trim, cabinet faces, etc.. he even......

keeps recored of where the lumber comes from. On a recent visit to his shop he had lumber (chesnut) from back east, Oak from another barn back east, and was milling it into different doors and trim. These are not your average production door either, these are very well built doors that in my estimation will last a lifetime, and are real wood!! remember the feel of a solid wood door from Grandmas house? not the hollow feel and swing of the production hollow core wood product ( i think ) door? Several homes have used his products, Dan Hayes of Healthy Homes used these doors in the only USGBC LEED for Homes Platnum home certified in Idaho, and also several others that are building Green homes as well. the home does not have to be green to use these well made doors, what a cool thing to show off in your home is a door with a history and the re-use of lumber that is 50 to 100 years old and would have been burned or left to rot. www.avisionllc.com or 208-412-7823 is the place to go for well made reclaimed lumber doors. Also Titus has gone to great lengths to build jambs and hardware that supports these doors. anyone who has bought production hardware or productoin doors with standard hinges can appreciate fine quality hardward and solid doors. Check it out, as a past furniture builder I can say he has really created a fine product, and has a growing business here in Idaho!! Flooring, Doors, Trim, etc Call Avision LLC and Go Green!!

Posted by Tad Duby at 2/9/2009 5:54:00 PM
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Re:idaho door company is really GREEN!!
And what is going with "green" doors going to cost me in comparison to regular? The problem is that given the current economic condition going green just doesn't work for many consumers. We don't have money now to upgrade to "green" in hopes of reclaiming that initial investment down the road. Don't get me wrong, I think going green and using environmental friendy products is great. The way I see it, green will really take off when the products become more competitive pricewise, until then it will just be that great idea that we wish we could do but just can't afford.

Posted by on 2/9/2009 10:25 PM
Re:idaho door company is really GREEN!!
unfortunately this is a thought process that some have been throwing out for some time. many times going green as you state saves money, depends on what you are comparing. Green doors can costs less than doors that are not, and they can cost more. but do we really want to buy doors from china? or can we use some green buiding principles that save money and then use that money to maybe buy a door that is green or supports a local business and economy? how much does a good economy cost us? buying the cheapest product has led to businesses moving out of country, local job loss, homes that neither perform or are safe for healthy living, homes that will be torn down due to durrabilty failures, etc. when I hear comments like this I wonder just who do people blame when we have a recession? themselves? no it is usually someone elses fault. Yes sometimes some green products cost more, sometimes substantially more, but cost should not be the first thing you think of. you can buy a really cheap house, from some really cheap builders, do you really want it? Dont call us to come look at it after you move in, the resluts are scary! I don't agree with the comment that going green does not work for consumers? going green can be as easy as recycling, painting with low VOC paint ( same costs) changing some living habits (does riding or walking cost more than the car we drive?) re-using products, creating healthier indoor inviroments, using a product supplier that has green principles-which alot of people arealdy buy and use but don't know it. Also as demand increases costs go down. For long term cost savings like solar a person can not really forecast the savings-how much will energy rise this year? in ten years? how much does not having to buy new products every couple years because we bought cheap products in the first place? many things to look at when making this decision. try thinking what can I do, instead of what can i not do. the old saying if you think you can or you think you can't, your right!
Posted by on 2/22/2009 8:16 AM
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