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Choosing Kitchen Cabinet Hardware can be a daunting task. Here is some advice and resources to make that tough job much easier.

As an important final touch to your kitchen cabinets, give careful thought to selecting the appropriate hardware. This important element to the design will add distinction and beauty,as well as utility and usefulness. Be sure to consider the following factors as you make this all important decision.

First, cabinet hardware can be that all important thread of a design that you can carry throughout the house to give continuity. Many designers enjoy using the same style hardware in the kitchen, and then repeating either the same pattern, color, or both in the bathrooms and other cabinet containing areas. This minimalistic repetition will add to the completeness of the overall look of your house, and will accentuate the flow from room to room.

Also, in choosing your hardware, be sure to consider the look you are going for in your kitchen. For a modern look, you should always opt for hidden hinges. This is easier if you are completely replacing your cabinetry. If remodeling, the previous footprint will need to be considered. Replacing hardware may limit your choices, because you will need to select items that will fit back in the same holes, which includes knobs, pulls, and hinges.

Many choices are available to give the desired look, from sleek, modern options in current finishes like copper and stainless, to the more traditional. Think carefully about the other elements in your kitchen, such as whether your appliances and sink will be stainless or not. Your color or finish might already be dictated by appliance, sink, or faucet, and while it is not essential to match, they should at least contrast well and work together towards an effective design. One option is to consider hardware that incorporates two colors, such as pewter and copper. The pewter serves to match appliances and the copper allows additional design options.

Another consideration is ease of use. Especially with older individuals, consideration should be given to whether knobs or pulls will work best with the advancement of age. People with arthritis and other debilitating illnesses find it difficult to use some types of cabinet hardware.

Consideration should also be given to how easy the hardware is to clean and maintain. While the more intricate designs are prettier, they may also be more difficult to clean. Make your choices based on how easy it is to maintain.

Prices vary significantly and usually purchasing hardware directly from the cabinet company is not the most prudent way to buy. The inside secret is that all the hardware is imported from the same companies, and the cabinet companies mark it up more than 300%. Search for other vendors on the internet and usually you will find the identical products at a fraction of the cost.   Check out cabinet hardware at Vicinity Hardware.

How do you determine if hardware is of good quality? Like buying a car or a piece of furniture, you can usually make that decision by the weight of the item. The conventional wisdom is to purchase one piece so that you can look at it closely to make sure you like the design, that it works well with other elements, and that it is heavy enough to be durable, and long lasting, before you make a major investment. Remember that unlike buying off the shelf, ordering hardware from cabinet companies or online makes it difficult or impossible to return. You do not want to be stuck with knobs and pulls you do not like. If you call a company like Vicinity Hardware, they will bring the samples right to your door and assist you with any decisions you are looking to make. They also have a low price guarantee.

These simple ideas will make the purchase of cabinet hardware more economical and practical, and will ensure this element to your
design works well, and gives you and your family many years of pleasure and usefulness.
Posted by Echo Garrett
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Posted by Echo Garrett at 2/10/2009 1:31:00 AM
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Re:Tough Choices in the Kitchen
I recently purchased cabinet hardware at Home Depot. I think I see the identical item on your website. I'm pretty sure I paid alot more for it. I'm bookmarking your site.

I don't understand how you do this; taking samples to my door. Are you in Oregon? I live in Baker City. Do you have a store in the area?
Posted by on 2/9/2009 7:02 PM
Re:Tough Choices in the Kitchen
Great Post. Keep them comoing. Trey
Posted by on 2/11/2009 7:23 AM
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