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How to make your Entryway POP and send that welcoming message to all of your guests. The front door is like a first introduction of you and your family. What does yours say?


We always hear that when decorating the interior of your home you should consider bringing the outdoors in. Well, the opposite can be true as well. When the seasons change to warmer weather, our thoughts turn to getting outside, planting gardens, developing new landscaping plans and beginning exterior painting. When introducing color, there are many areas where we have the opportunity to enhance the overall curb appeal of our homes.
The Front Door
Landscape architects will provide the plans for beautiful gardens, trees and walkways. As these paths lead to your front door, it is important that they are not only beautiful, but that the entrance to your home finishes their grand plan on arrival. When looking to choose the exterior colors, consider not only the brick, siding and shingles, but also what you see when you open the front door. Does the red you chose for the outside of the front door clash with the terracotta wall inside? A smooth transition from the interior to the exterior is not just lovely to look at, but is comfortable and inviting to all who grace your doorstep.
Let us look at how to accomplish this. First consider the door you have. Will painting it be sufficient to make a significant change or does it need to be replaced altogether? Do you want to enlarge the entrance, change from a solid single door to one with side lites or a double door entry? Changing a solid door to allow light into the entry with a glass panel, etched or stained glass can be a transformation for the entire front of your home.
Exterior Paint
Painting the exterior should bring the finishes of the house together. Consideration for the brick, siding, soffit, facia and roof colors should all play a role in choosing the best color. A shade to complement the trim is important too. Are you looking to make a bold statement or blend everything together? So many people are looking for that dramatic color for the front door, different from the remainder of the house to say, "welcome to my home." Red and black are popular when making a statement, while taupe, green and white blend elements together.
The garage door also needs to be included in the choices for colors. Ideally, it blends with the house and is not the focal point. Some like to have the front door and garage doors the same color, while others wish it to fade in. If you want your front door in a dramatic color like black or red, the garage doors should be painted the same shades as the trim color or the brick tone. You may also consider some exterior hardware decor like clavos nails and hinge straps. 
Door Hardware
Of course, finishing the door with beautiful hardware can be a statement unto itself. The style and color of hardware can define an entrance as well as dictate color usage for the door. Aesthetics aside, the chief purpose of any door hardware is to keep the door securely closed. Since many decorative knobs and handles don't have good lock systems, a dead-bolt is always a required addition to all exterior doors. The hardware, lockset and handle can work into the light fixtures and mailbox choices too. A kick plate adds elegance to the bottom of the door as well. Oil rubbed bronze, brushed nickel, wrought iron, copper or bronze tones all provide a unique look that gives character to the entry of your home. House numbers, door knockers and door bells are just a few detail considerations. Again, the choices of accessories are dictated by the style of the home.
When you open your front door, what do you have there? A wrought iron bench might dictate that the door hardware should be black iron, while an elegant wood table with a brass lamp might lend itself to stately and polished brass hardware. Using a unique architectural detail will enhance the exterior as well. A round stained glass window can introduce the color to the porch chairs and fabric or window boxes with flowers to complement. If you are lucky to have a covered porch this is a wonderful transitional space from your outdoors to the indoors. Turn it into an inviting outdoor room with seating, attractive lighting and hanging plants.
Lighting Choices
Lighting is probably one of the most often forgotten elements of both interior and exterior decor. If you take a look down your street it will probably not come as a surprise that the majority of all homes still have the original basic builder's choice for the lawn lamps and lanterns. Start a new trend and change yours. Introduce lighting along the walkway, between the shrubs or in trees. Mount coach lanterns on either side of your front door with matching fixtures for the garage. Remember proportion and scale are important, so be sure to select sizes that complement the space they are going in. Again, the finishes should reflect the selection of the door hardware.
Design your interior lighting to convey warmth when viewed from outside. Hanging a lantern in an open hall that can be seen from the street or a table lamp that offers a soft glow through a draped window all add warmth and invitation to enter.
If your Entryway needs a make over for spring, consider a free consultation from Vicinity Hardware.  Vicinity offers customers free advise and a plan.  Let us help you increase your curb appeal!
Posted by Echo Garrett, Vicinity Hardware,; 208.891.1381
Posted by Echo Garrett at 2/17/2009 8:06:00 PM
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Re:Create Curb Appeal for Spring!
I am biased but Lighting can make the biggest difference for the money. lighting is one of the elements no one notices unless it looks really bad or looks really good. Anything in between just does not add to the picture. Unfortunately, lighting is looked at as an expense by most people and they don't consider it an investment in making a house look dramatically better for the price. I speak for experience.

If you are looking at new homes. A great lighting package is not much more and make all the difference in making a home look more expensive.

Trey Langford
Posted by on 2/17/2009 2:45 PM
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