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Great news another LEED H gold home certified in Hailey Idaho. The home has been featured in several magazines already, but just recieved the certification last week. This home is unique in several fasions, and was actually the homeowners goal to build the home and get LEED H certification. This home will also be featured for its inovative sewer system....

the home does not have a conventional sever system. All black and Gray water are collected and go into a onsite constructed wetland and then re-used as irrigation water. This system is a product of www.wholewatersystems.com Also the home features photovoltaic panels, solar hot water, radiant heat and a number of innovative features. Modeling of the home shows that the home will probably be around 80% self sufficient which was a goal of the clients. Morgan Brown of Sun valley was involved as a consultant who helped the clients though much of their decision making process. Press release will be issued soon on the home and you can also get a good read on the home from the Sun Valley green  issue of 2007. It was one of many home featured in the magazine along with Ken and Cindy Wards home just south of Hailey. Fine Home building also featured the Wards home in their winter 2009 issue of Energy Smart homes. its really cool when Idaho homes make national publications!! Both these homes were mainly built by the homeowners and while  maybe not your everyday green home, they prove that we can all do our part, and that individual goals of the clients is where green starts. look forward to seeing the press release for this home and several more in the next couple  months!!! Go green!!!

Posted by Tad Duby at 2/23/2009 11:39:00 AM
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