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Stimulus Yay or Nay

Our State government has the ability to accept or decline money in the stimulus package specifically set aside for improving efficiency in existing homes.  Should we take it?

First let me describe the difficulties with the retrofit market.  It requires a considerable knowledge of current and past construction techniques for both contractors and general contractorsSecond- it requires considerable human resources and it not nearly as profitable as new construction.  Third- a hot new construction market puts pressure on resources and increases costs to consumers.

Conversely, in a down market the consumer pricing will be extremely competitive and the amount of time existing subcontractors will be required to put into a project will be an excellent boost to the economy.  The short term effects will be immediate and the long term benefits will allow Idaho residents to put their money into growing the state strong.

A healthy retrofit market can generate roughly 20 million dollars worth of jobs for struggling contractors,skilled labor and suppliers.

The effect of this will be very important in terms of keeping existing qualified people in their homes, paying taxes and staying in the State of Idaho which will allow us to rebound from our difficult economic times much faster in the future.

This is the best time in the last 20 years  for the consumer to spend money on improvements.  This is the best time in the last twenty years to develop this market. 

You can tell where I stand on the issue.  Where do you stand.  Should we let this stimulus go or should we access it?

Posted by Eric Elliott at 3/2/2009 3:43:00 PM
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Re:Stimulus is available for retrofits!
I have not had the benefit of reviewing the 11,000 +- pages of the stimulus legislation, but I understand the governor has established a task force to do just that.

However, I question why our state needs federal stimulus dollars to encourage energy-efficient construction and remodeling. I am currently working on a project in Oregon and am familiar with that state's Oregon?s Business and Residential Energy Tax Credit (BETC and RETC) programs. The Oregon Department of Energy recently released a report that showed the program delivered a nearly 3-to-1 return on the state?s investment, creating more than $616 million in economic investments and wages, and more than 1,700 jobs in the last two years.

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Re:Stimulus is available for retrofits!
Take the stimulus Otter. It is easier to ask for forgiveness and return it than try to get it after it is gone.
Posted by on 3/2/2009 7:27 PM
Re:Stimulus is available for retrofits!
I got your info as a recommendation from the PTCS. I have an old home in West downtown that needs some insulation work. I really want to take advantage of the federal, state and Idaho Power rebates available. Are any of those expiring this year? Your website is laid out well and makes me feel that you understand what I'm trying to accomplish! Here is what I'd like to get a quote on:

1. Fully insulating the "floor" of the attic. Can you give me a couple different prices for different R-levels? Can you give me details on the insulation you'd be using?

2. Putting a radiant barrier on the sloped walls of the ceiling (beneath the roof). Does this need to be completed before you spray in insulation?

3. I have a basement and two crawl spaces. The basement is easy to get to, one crawl space isn't bad and the other is a difficult. I'd like a quote on under floor insulation in all three areas.

4. Wrapping insulation on any ducts that are losing heat in the basement and crawlspace.


Posted by on 11/14/2011 6:56 AM
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