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Hardware is a Specialty product. Here is what you need to know, to make the best choice.

Hardware is perhaps the most touched surface in a home.  We notice it when it doesn't operate or function how it should.  It is also one of the most overlooked components of interior design.  So how do you make changes or choices for your home that are the most economical and asthetically satisfying? 

1.  Know your color.  What colors are in your design palette?  Your furniture textures, window coverings, carpet, wood tones...all of these play into what colors you choose for your walls and believe it or not, doors.  Doors are being painted gorgeous complimentary colors these days.

2.  Know your style.  Are you Rustic?  Urban Modern?  Craftsman?  European Country? 

3.  Know your budge.  Typically the hardware in a home, which includes door hardware, cabinet hardware, faucets, bathroom hardware and all trim should comprise 2-5% of the home's value.  That means a home valued at $300,000.00 should have $6,000.00- $15,000.00 worth of hardware. 

4.  Know your options.  There are many choices out there that fall within this range.  Find a sales person that will not try to limit you to one brand.  There are many self professed hardware sales persons out there.  A true Hardware Specialist will know;

  • What makes each brand of hardware different
  • How the 'guts' of the lock are made:  Spindle or Half Moon? Zinc Alloy or Steel Construction? Specifics of the Spring Assembly
  • Warranty information for each brand
  • Finish Warranty information.  How often have you seen the brass finish on a home built less that 10 years ago that is aged and appears to actually be peeling??
  • Warranty Percentages based on manufacturer.  YES!  Your sales person should be able to tell you how reliable that product is, based on how many warranty issues the manufacturer receives every year.

5.  Installation:  Are you able to install the product yourself?  Do you need installation "assistance" or would you like someone else to handle the whole project for you?

Hardware begins at the front of the house and carries throughout every room.  It is a significant contributor to your home.  At Vicinity Hardware, we have made a commitment to educate home owners rather than just close the sale on customers.  We are confident that these principles will make your investment in your home a valuable and satisfying one.

Echo Garrett  

Vicinity Hardware, www.vicinityhardware.com, www.yourvicinity.com, www.moenbathwareoutlet.com

Posted by Echo Garrett at 3/3/2009 2:39:00 PM
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